What is Direct Mailing?

03 March, 2020

Direct mailing is usually part of a company's greater marketing strategy; it is a more tangible way of reaching customers by sending a physical piece of promotional content directly to their home address or post box.

Examples of direct mail:

  • Catalogues
  • Coupons and vouchers
  • Lumpy mail
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Letters

To run a successful direct mail campaign, several other factors come into play:

  1. The location you are mailing to – is it national or international?
  2. Understanding your audience and having a targeted mailing list.
  3. Using a reliable courier or postal service.
  4. Having a strong strategy behind your campaign – i.e. a follow-up plan and a method for your leads to interact with your business after receiving the mail so that you can monitor engagement.

Does direct mail work?

Yes! Direct mail campaigns are said to have a higher ROI than paid search or online ads according to some studies. This could be attributed to the fact that so much data exists online nowadays, and consumers are overwhelmed. Receiving an attention-grabbing piece of physical content at home is a much more powerful way of cutting through the noise and really getting through to your buyer.

Direct mail campaigns work even better, however, when combined with their digital counterparts. By bringing digital advertising and direct mail together, you enhance the lead’s experience and make your campaigns more interactive. For example, by directing the recipient to a link or requiring them to scan a QR code, you can immediately track engagement based on the number of interactions that come into your website via these CTAs.

There other benefits to direct mail, too:

  1. You can reach a wider audience: some of the demographics you'd like to target may not be accessible through digital advertising.
  2. Stays front-of-mind: because direct mail is physical, a customer has to handle the item and interact with it whereas emailers can get deleted before they are even opened.
  3. You can be more creative with your marketing: unsurprisingly, consumers can get desensitized to digital imagery. With direct mail, you can make your creative ideas go further by using different paper qualities, lumpy mail and pop-out graphics.
  4. Less competition: most companies are leveraging digital marketing, which is great, but it also means that they are dedicating less time and budget to physical mail, leaving an opening for businesses who want to capture consumers' attention in other ways.

Choosing the right partner for your direct mailing

Depending on the scale and scope of your direct mail campaign, it might be wise to partner up with an experienced mailing house who understands how to handle and distribute direct mail on a national and international level.

If you don't have the facilities to print, package and manage a direct mail campaign in-house, you can use the services of a company that offers a wide range of delivery options and insight into the market you are looking to send your mail to.

At Asendia, we offer a variety of solutions to suit the needs of businesses big and small. Our extensive experience and established links to suppliers and international delivery networks enable us to secure the best rates for our customers and ensure that your promotional material is successfully delivered every time.

If you're interested to learn more about direct mail and how Asendia can help you to reach your audience far and wide, click here.

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