What is Direct Mail?

08 November, 2019

Organisations are increasingly abandoning traditional marketing techniques in favour of digital, but here at Asendia we’re still big believers in the power of direct mail marketing.

But what is direct mail, and how can it help to boost your marketing efforts?

What is direct mail?

Direct mail refers to the distribution of marketing materials, often printed advertising such as leaflets, brochures or magazine, that is sent directly to the business or home of the intended recipient.

Direct mail is a form of direct marketing, and can take a number of forms.

Types of direct mail

  1. Postcards
  2. Leaflets/flyers
  3. Letters
  4. Brochures
  5. Customer gifts
  6. Catalogues
  7. ‘Lumpy’ mail
  8. ‘Naked’ mailers

Bulk versus individual direct mail

In theory, direct mail can be conducted on a one-to-one rather than one-to-many (bulk) basis, however there is a cost implication here.

Creating bulk direct mailings is far more cost effective than bespoke campaigns. As a mailing house, at Asendia we typically produce large orders of printed marketing materials for our clients.

What’s more, bulk doesn’t need to mean generic. It is possible to personalise each mail piece with variable text and images so you can create direct mail that is targeted to small segments of customers or even individuals if you have a lot of data like purchase history and interests.

Why direct mail works

Despite the proliferation of digital marketing tactics, direct mail is still as effective as ever.

In an age of easily disposable and ignorable marketing messages, the recipient of direct mail has to physically engage with your direct mail. Even if they want to discard it they have to look at it.

What’s more, because organisations are conducting direct mail campaigns less often, their impact has become much greater-particularly among millennials and Generation Z. These days, there aren’t many areas of marketing where competition is reducing, but direct mail marketing is one of them.

You can even combine a direct mail campaign with digital marketing tactics, allowing you to track the effectiveness of a campaign. For example, include a unique URL or coupon code in your direct mail piece and see how many website visits, leads or new customers the campaign was responsible for.

We can help you execute every element of your direct mail campaign, from planning and production, through to production, distribution and undeliverable mail management.

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Our range of solutions makes direct mail across borders easy and reliable; supporting you with production, preparation and international delivery.

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