Tell the World About Your Brand with Direct Mail

25 July, 2018

While it may surprise internet users and e-tailers, not only are direct mail and catalogues alive and well, but they’re also driving e-commerce.

Many shoppers still appreciate and react favorably to holding physical catalogues in their hands as opposed to simply interacting through a digital screen. In fact, direct mail is a proven method for creating new business for e-tailers, even from customers around the globe.

Catalogues are a simple and effective way to grab a user’s attention amidst the noise of social media and emails. Between 2007 and 2016, mailed catalogues decreased from 19.6 billion to 9.8 billion copies, but response to catalogues between 2015 and 2016 increased by 23%, illustrating that direct mail drives user engagement. After receiving direct mail, 14% of shoppers reached out to the e-tailer on social media. The reason? Users browse through the pages, conveniently collect a list of item numbers, and then easily find those items to purchase on the online retailer’s website.

Watch our brief video to learn more about the benefits of global direct mail and catalogues for online retailers.