Print continues to make a significant contribution to our lives

12 October, 2016

In a world that’s increasingly digital, it can be hard to see a place for print and paper. But new research by Two Sides reveals that we still value paper and its place in our lives, although there is still widespread misunderstanding about paper’s sustainability.

The survey asked 7000 people worldwide about their thoughts on print and paper, with some interesting results. As Two Sides put it, ‘the great recycling story of print and paper is not well known’, with 66% of respondents believing that less than half of all waste paper is recovered for recycling. This is actually far from the truth ‒ the recycling rate in the print industry is actually an impressive 72%, one of the highest rates of all industries.

However, most consumers (89%) do believe that print and paper can be a sustainable way to communicate. With 94% stating that recyclability is important for environmentally responsible products, it’s clear to see that consumers are increasingly environmentally conscious. 78% are concerned about paper production’s impact on forests and 91% agree that we need new forests ‒ but it’s important to recognise that in the past decade, European forests have grown in size by an area bigger than Switzerland.

When it comes to everyday experiences, print is still supreme: 80% of respondents still prefer reading on paper than from a screen, while 79% appreciate the tactile nature of printed content. Most consumers appreciate receiving paper versions of important information, such as bills and statements, with 74% citing the importance of having a ‘permanent record’ of their financial history.

It’s clear to see that print and paper still make a significant, and even irreplaceable, contribution to our lives ‒ one that can be as well sustainable. Find out more about the research here.