Do Direct Mail Campaigns Work?

12 September, 2019

It’s 2019, and businesses are presented with a plethora of marketing options. There’s tips, tricks and hacks galore. In fact, you’ve probably tried many of them and not seen the ROI you hoped for. This could have something to do with the fact that your potential customers are already shovelling through a great deal of digital content. And therein lies the answer to the question we are posing in this blog post.

Direct mail campaigns do work


Because a cleverly designed piece of physical direct mail is far more likely to cross your customer’s threshold and engage their attention. Furthermore, with personalisation, you can reach those tired and weary audiences who are overwhelmed by the information they constantly receive online.

That’s right, we’ve gone so far into the future that we’ve looped back to a point where the humble letter is a novelty. A nostalgic throwback to a simpler time.

In 2016, customer response rate to direct mail increased by 43%. This is backed up by figures that show 70% of Americans felt that direct mail was more personal when compared with digital outreach.

Should we scrap digital?


In fact, with the right kind of strategy, direct mail can supercharge your digital marketing efforts and bring in much higher rates of conversions.

This is because direct mail gets you through the door, but your digital marketing campaign gives your prospect a quick and easy way to respond to your offer or share their details. So the two work hand in hand, helping you to track and measure the success of your efforts.


You could, for example, send out mail with a QRT code that requires the recipient to scan it via their mobile device in order to access online discounts. You’ve captured their attention with your attractive pamphlet or brochure and led them to your digital assets where you can collect valuable data such as email addresses, geographical location and specific preferences that help you to tailor your offering to that specific customer. So, in essence, you are enhancing the experience that the customer receives, gaining valuable data about your audience and hopefully getting an actual sale. So many wins for both you and your clients!

Combining smart inbound marketing tactics with your direct mail campaigns is a very effective way of making your advertising interactive, and your results measurable – something stakeholders will be very pleased to see the next time you present your case for your marketing budget.

The proof is in the stats

When asked, consumers actually stated that they want to receive mail from brands they are interested in – 59% of US respondents confirmed this. This busts the myth that tangible mail is irrelevant and is further backed by the fact that 70% of those surveyed agreed that direct mail is more personal. So, the consistent message we are getting from these stats is that the key to success is customisation and personalisation.

If key decision-makers want to know why you’re going down the direct mail route, you can reassure them that this method of marketing brings in 15 to 17% ROI. This is pretty impressive when you consider that the conversion rate of Google Adwords is in the region of 2.45%.

Why do direct mail campaigns work?

In this post, we’ve discussed that direct mail campaigns offer a fantastic way to personalise your advertising in unique and creative ways.

But there are so many other reasons why direct mail simply works:

  • Physical mail is a multisensory stimulus. Your recipient has to actually engage with the content and make a decision whether to hold onto the piece or discard it, but only after they have had to look at it. You just don’t get that kind of opportunity when a customer is skimming through the subject lines in their email list and trashing anything that doesn’t immediately speak to them.
  • By incorporating digital marketing tactics, you can track the effectiveness of a campaign on a granular level.
  • You can target specific audiences by only posting to areas that are exclusively relevant to your campaign.
  • Direct mail is brand building. Your logo, your image, and your content is conveyed more strongly when it arrives in a tangible format. Whether that’s a personalised letter, lumpy mail with a free gift, or even a humorous postcard.

If you’re ready to find out what direct mail can do for your business, get in touch with Asendia. We are experts in constructing and executing campaigns on a global scale. We can take care of every step of the process, from planning the campaign strategy, designing the mailing, producing, packaging and delivering it. To find the right solution for your business and start winning more customers, give us a call today.

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