Asendia's International Direct Mail Services: Direct Mail Production

28 February, 2020

At Asendia, we cater to the direct mail requirements of businesses big and small. Whether you're looking to distribute a limited edition publication or execute a large-scale international direct mail marketing campaign, we have the tools, expertise, and networks to ensure your audience gets fantastic content from you.

Our international direct mail production services cover a range of printing and packaging needs, as well as the facilities for warehousing and fulfilling your mailing.

Mailing fulfilment

Local or global, wherever your mail is headed, our mailing house can help you from start to finish. Printing, enveloping, polywrapping, and packaging: we can handle as much of the direct mail process as needed.

A considerable benefit of partnering with us is the access you gain to our vast global network of postal services, enabling you to enjoy substantial cost-saving opportunities with our tried and tested services. Our parent companies are La Poste and Swiss Post, who have agreements with national postal operators in over 220 countries.

Laser printing and inkjet personalisation

Clearly addressed mail that is formatted correctly for the postal system is essential. Our efficient sheet-fed Xerox printers and inkjet addressing technology can accommodate large runs while maintaining a high standard of quality.

Your letters, forms, invoices and surveys can be personalised with messages, logos, barcodes and much more. Essentially, we allow you to customise your mail at scale and ensure that your marketing message has consistency.


Some of the biggest publications in the UK rely on our comprehensive polywrapping service to ensure that their mail reaches customers in mint condition.

We have Stima polywrapping lines that allow us to wrap mail of varying sizes – and if your material is a little oddly shaped, we can polybag it by hand.

To ensure a high standard of quality, we are ISO 9001 and 14001 accredited, making our processes efficient and compliant with industry standards.

Our extensive list of suppliers means we always negotiate prices when it comes to sourcing polythene for our clients – whether recyclable or biodegradable.

Envelope filling

Fast and automated, our envelope inserting machines will significantly speed up your mailing process. We're happy to handle low volume jobs, unique mail that requires to be manually inserted, or large stacks of documents (up to six inserts) at speed.

You don't have to compromise on the design of your mail, Asendia can help source the perfect envelopes for your needs from one of our many trusted suppliers.

Print management and materials procurement

The direct mail process, in its entirety, can be a lot for a business to handle alone. You'll require some knowledge of printing, as well as have the time to source materials, deal with suppliers and carry out the mail fulfilment.

Wouldn't it be great if you could pass the responsibility onto an expert? Asendia offers a print management service whereby we handle everything for the customer, as well as pass on the savings from the trade discounts we have access to thanks to the supplier relationships we've built over the years.

We'll see to your packaging and source the materials suitable for our production process; principally, we always consider paper weights, polyethene thickness and packaging dimensions to ensure savings on postage.

If you'd like to make sure that your direct mail always has a consistent look and feel, meets the criteria for high-quality and is produced and posted according to schedule, you can rely on us.

Address cleaning

It's never in your best interests to send mail to outdated or irrelevant mail lists. We can clean up your mailing data to help you reduce the cost of wastage and reach a more targeted audience.

We can run your data against suppression files and check for duplicates and errors – the service is available for international as well as UK addresses.

Data becomes obsolete continuously; that's why it's vital to ensure your efforts are always targeted towards return on investment. By keeping data clean, you help to protect your brand and limit any unnecessary waste.

Postage optimisation

There are quite a few components that come into play when optimising your mail. Depending on how far it's going, the delivery timeframe, and the packaging requirements, it can be a costly process without the right contacts.

Asendia helps you achieve maximum postage savings by selecting the best final mile delivery option within the destination country of your mail. We also ensure that your letter is correctly formatted to meet the local postal requirements.

Get maximum discount through the best service providers for your specific type of mail and ensure that it's delivered to your target audience on time by letting is optimise the process.

Print and distribution at destination

It's not always cost-effective to print, post and fulfil mail from the country you're based in. Logistically, it may be more cost-effective to post from the destination you're posting to – or even multiple cross-border locations.

We have our own global postal routes and strategic relationships, giving us print and fulfilment capabilities which enable efficiency and economy for our customers.

Our supply chain targets environmentally friendly handling and sustainability to ensure that your production and fulfilment process has a low carbon footprint.

You can take advantage of our global market insights and allow us to broker the best and most flexible solutions for your needs.

Warehousing and fulfilment

Your catalogues, brochures and promotional materials will be safe in one of our designated warehouses. We can hold your inventory locally to ensure that international shipments are always dispatched and delivered expediently.

You can configure your stock-keeping system with ours to ensure that you're always on top of supply levels and receive notifications regarding your inventory.

We'll manage all your on-demand direct mail fulfilment, freeing up space and resources on your premises if you had previously handled this in-house.

Asendia is here to help you through every step of the direct mail production and fulfilment journey. Whether you're a small business with a niche audience and custom print and packaging requirements, or a large organisation with a broad global audience to reach, contact us today for a comprehensive quote.

Contact us today for a comprehensive quote.