Asendia's Direct Mail Services: Concept and Planning

05 June, 2020

If you're using direct mail as part of your marketing strategy, you'll want to partner up with someone who knows exactly what you need to make your campaign a success. Asendia can help you with every aspect related to your direct mail campaign, from concept to planning. We have the resources, supply networks, and expertise to ensure that you launch effective direct mail campaigns every time. Here's how:

Targeted list

We will help you identify your target market and give you access to our exclusive mailing lists. Whether you want to target individuals or business, just speak to us about getting help creating powerful mailing lists that get your content to the right audience. Our consumer database will help you reach over 34 million consumers at affordable prices.

Creative design

The advantage of sending direct mail is that your recipient will have a physical interaction with the content. This gives you the opportunity to capture their attention with your branding and design aesthetic. Asendia offers a polywrapping service whereby your publication is visible through the packaging and immediately more engaging than if it were in a sealed envelope.

Tracking and analysis

Like digital campaigns, your direct mail promotional activities can also be tracked and tested to ensure that you are getting the ROI you want.

You can use personalised URLs or QRT codes that direct users to a desired online location. You can use these interactions to gather data on how your leads are responding to the campaign.

An excellent way to test your campaigns is to set up control groups where you tweak certain aspects of your campaign to see how that affects responsiveness.

Follow up

Asendia can handle the delivery of your direct mail as well as collect and receive responses from your campaigns. We can process the data we collect from your customers and give you performance updates or fulfil any orders or subscriptions that have been placed.

How Asendia does it

We're always helping businesses just like yours to map out detailed direct mail marketing strategies. When you choose to work with us, you can instantly tap into our resources and supply chain to help you create compelling content that is tailored for the market of the country or customer base you are targeting.

To find out more or to get further consultation on our comprehensive direct mail services, get in touch with Asendia today.

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