10 simple steps to a successful Direct Mail campaign

30 May, 2018

Are you looking to connect with your customers more
effectively through direct mail?

In this complimentary downloadable list, Candy Geoffroy-Dauphin, Product and Services Mail Manager at Asendia Management, shares 10 tips to improve your return on investment with direct marketing. For instance, the quality of paper you use matters. It may not only be the reason a recipient chooses to open your mail, but also directly reflects the quality of your brand. If your direct mailings go cross-borders, it’s important to be sensitive to cultural differences. It’s not enough to consider language alone as words can have different meanings or uses from one culture to another. Ultimately, it’s important to never underestimate the power of direct mail. According to a recent study, depending on nationality, between 80% and 93% of European recipients regularly keep direct mail such as catalogues because they intend to make a purchase at a later point.