Everything You Need to Know About Customs

This free report shares everything you need to know about global customs and cross-border delivery covering duties, VAT and customs regulations. 

What can you expect from our Customs Report?

Expanding your online company across borders not only requires excellent business acumen, but a firm grasp of a target country’s customs and regulations.

The report will help you push your business forward by both understanding what is involved with customs when shipping internationally, as well as the cross-border opportunities available in example markets.


Contents of this e-book
  • Common challenges of customs
  • Understanding customs jargon
  • Facts and customs thresholds
  • Customs of EU and non-EU countries
  • A spotlight on the customs of France, Switzerland and Norway



Who is the Ecommerce Foundation?

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They offer several services such as the EcommerceWiki, National Ecommerce Reports, Safe.Shop and Scamadviser in order to foster global digital trade.

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