How E-commerce Fulfillment Works

22 July, 2019

E-commerce fulfilment is the logistical efforts you undertake to get your products to your customers once they have paid for them on your website or online retail platform. You can do this yourself, or you can outsource the services of a third-party that can package and ship your goods as per your instructions.

How does an order fulfilment company work?

1. Stock your inventory

Your manufacturer will ship and deliver the products to the e-commerce order fulfilment warehouse where they will be received and checked into the facility. You should be able to use your inventory management system to log in and review stock levels at the order fulfilment centre to make sure that your product is always in supply.

2. Shelving

Depending on the third-party order fulfilment centre you decide to use, they will have a system in place that designates the most suitable shelving for your items, taking into consideration size, weight and nature of the product, i.e. whether it’s fragile, light or temperature sensitive.

3. Order processing

The order fulfilment partner you work with must integrate with your order processing platform to receive incoming orders electronically. It’s essential that the company has the necessary IT support to maintain connectivity and deal with any arising issues quickly.

4. Picking, Packing and Shipping

Once the order is received by the fulfilment centre, trained staff will locate the item in the warehouse and use the appropriate packaging to ensure that the product is prepared for safe transit.

It’s crucial to work with an order fulfilment partner that has a track record of professional handling, from choosing the best packaging for each item to ensuring each parcel is accurately labelled and dispatched to the right customer within the expected time frame.

5. Returns processing and response management

A strong selling point for any business is its ability to accept and process returns efficiently. As your orders increase, however, this can be an overwhelming task for an organisation. That’s why an order fulfilment centre should have the tools and staff to handle large volumes of returns, processing them quickly and effectively on your behalf.

Furthermore, if you send out direct mail that requires a response from the customer, you may need a fulfillment centre that is capable of handling customer responses to ensure that you are able to manage those relationships correctly.

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