Our founding companies, La Poste and Swiss Post, were ahead of their time when focusing on sustainability.

Asendia is proudly continuing that heritage, with sustainability now our core strategic focus. We’re taking positive, responsible actions to minimize our environmental impact, and each of our customers is helping us on our way there.


Asendia offsets 100% of carbon emission related to international transportation excluding first-mile (pick up) in the country of origin and last-mile delivery in the destination country. We continue to work hard all over the world to do even better through our commitment to measuring, reducing, offsetting and advising.
Our e-PAQ and Mail services to France and Switzerland are the highlight of our global sustainability offer. In 2020, items that were directly added into the La Poste (direct access) network for delivery were 100% carbon neutral; this was the same in Switzerland for mail items. From 2021, all national parcel products added to the Swiss Post network will also be 100% carbon neutral. At Asendia, we, therefore, offer two fully sustainable services, e-PAQ and Mail, to two major European e-commerce destinations, France and Switzerland.
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Did you know? All national parcel & mail products added into the Swiss Post and La Poste French network are 100% carbon neutral.


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Asendia Sustainability

Our Key Commitments

We like to choose suppliers who share our sustainability values and can show that they are making a difference in the way they work.
We strive to develop every service with a sustainable best practice built-in. That helps our customers to grow their businesses in the most environmentally friendly way.
We thank you for your support.

Asendia's Chief HR Officer explains how we are striding towards a greener future.


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Where does your contribution go?


La Poste have invested all contributions into a climate protection project in Switzerland (Ecological current from farm biogas), and an international project (Household Biodigesters in Cambodia).

Renewable Energy

Optimizing Energy

Project: Investing in Wind Farm Sites in India

We're offsetting our carbon emissions by investing in seven wind farm sites in India. The 113 turbines together produce enough energy to meet the annual needs of 600,000 individuals. As well as providing cleaner energy, the wind farms support local economies.

Project: Ecological current from farm biogas, Switzerland

This project, supported by Swiss Post, reduces greenhouse gases that are harmful to the climate and encourages the use of renewable energies for electricity and heating. Thanks to gas installations, Swiss farms can now produce clean electricity.

Quality Assurance: Gold Standard, Verified Emissions Reduction Certificate (GS VER)