Mailing Fulfilment

Asendia has two mailing houses in the UK, in Bedford and Southampton. Our mailing houses provide high quality (ISO 9001 accredited), flexible, and cost effective mail fulfilment services; providing a wide range of printing, enveloping, polywrapping and packaging services.

Whether your mailing is 100 items or 1 million items, it's for UK delivery or global distribution, Asendia UK's mailing houses can help you. As a leading postal operator, we are best positioned to produce your mail in a way that will maximise postage savings and time savings.

Direct mail being packed in the warehouse.

Envelopes being enclosed in an Asendia warehouse.

Envelope inserting

High speed cost effective solutions for direct mail and business mail

We can accommodate a range of envelope sizes, insert up to 6 items, and have selective inserting and camera matching capabilities.

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Staff working at polywrapping goods.


High quality low cost solutions for magazines, catalogues and direct mail

With 4 Sitma polywrapping lines we polywrap up to 4 million items per month, insert up to 10 items per pack, and provide inkjet printing or carrier sheet addressing.

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Asendia staff fulfilling orders.


Flexible solutions for those jobs a machine simply cannot handle

We have a team of people that provide an excellent option for smaller jobs, work not suitable for machines, cross-docking and pick and pack work. They work to ISO 9001 quality standards.


why should you get a proposal from asendia?

Our mailing houses can prepare your mailing perfectly to be directly injected into our postal network; for UK or international mailings. We have saved some customers £1000's in postage alone. Plus we offer competitive fulfilment pricing and end-to-end solutions that are ISO accredited and environmentally sustainable, and all delivered with a smile.

"We have used Asendia's mailing fulfilment services and international mail distribution services for over 10 years and would highly recommend them to businesses large and small"

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Our mailing house in Bedford

Established in 1969, our mailing house in Bedford is a 40,000 sq ft facility with ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 accreditations, providing our full range of printing, envelope inserting, polywrapping and mail fulfilment services.

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Our mailing house in Southampton

With 25 years experience and a recently upgraded facility, our mailing house in Southampton provides a wide range of mailing fulfilment and packing services to customers large and small; working to ISO accredited quality standards.

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What services can our mailing houses offer you?

Our end-to-end mailing fulfilment solution includes the core services you’d expect, plus a range of value-added services.

  • Address cleansing and postal optimisation
  • Laser printing and inkjet personalisation
  • Digital printing
  • Print management and materials procurement
  • Print finishing and folding
  • Envelope inserting
  • Polywrapping
  • Handwork
  • Cross-docking and pick and pack

What type of mailings do we handle?

From simple direct mail campaigns and magazine mailings, to complex and confidential financial mailings, our mailing houses can provide the solution. Examples of mailings we handle at our mailing houses include:

  • Direct mail and catalogues
  • Magazines and journals
  • Invoices, statements and dunning letters
  • Letters and general business correspondence
  • Membership applications
  • Donation appeals
  • Emergency letters
  • Sales letters and quotes

Experience the difference

We are committed to Measure, Reduce, Offset and Advise - we apply this to everything we do. From energy efficient transport to investment in carbon offsetting projects, we're proud that all our deliveries from Europe are now carbon neutral. We're working hard all over the world to do even better.

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Highlights of Asendia’s Sustainability Report

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Sustainability report.