Why choose Asendia's Premium Goods parcel delivery services to the UK?

Asendia is the perfect delivery partner who can help you reach a new customer base in the UK with our expert knowledge of getting parcels, mail and publications to this lucrative destination. Our Premium Goods solution for the UK offers the perfect balance of reliability, delivery speed, features and price. With this service, we have a full range of delivery options so that you’re able to offer your UK customers a fully flexible solution and an exceptional consumer experience.

Mailbox Delivery or Personal Delivery

With Premium Goods, UK customers have different options that give them enhanced control over the delivery process: Mailbox Delivery, Personal Delivery, and Personal Delivery with Option Time window. This means your customers can choose the service features that best suit their needs, from increased liability for proof of delivery, to specific delivery windows.

Extremely Customer-Oriented

We are proud to offer a customer-centred service through Premium Goods and we are constantly seeking feedback from recipients to improve. Furthermore, Asendia offers high-quality local customer service via website, chat, telephone, Twitter and self-service. We strive to give full flexibility to your customers, including the provision of 7,000 pickup and return points in the UK for total convenience.

Complete Reliability

Asendia understands that, for UK consumers, a reliable delivery service is much more sought after than a rushed one, which is why we offer next-day and two-day options with a 99.3% first-attempt success rate. Furthermore, we provide app- or website-based tracking for complete peace of mind, along with notifications by email or SMS.

The Main Benefits of This Parcel Service to the UK

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Trusted and reliable
parcel delivery covering the whole of the UK

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High flexibility
and control for your customers with a diverse range of options

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Largest network
of 7,000 pickup
and return points

Trends in UK Retail

Cross-border shopping

UK consumers love buying quality goods from overseas, with nearly a third of e-shoppers regularly purchasing items from other EU nations and around the world. Their natural affinity with global online shopping is largely due to the widespread belief that there are more choices available online. UK e-shoppers want fast delivery and hassle-free returns.

Popular product categories

The UK is a nation of diverse online shoppers, with most commercial sectors doing well here. From holiday accommodation and books, to computer software and music, British consumers really do buy into the idea of ‘there’s something for everybody’. The leading category currently is clothes and sporting goods.

Efficient technology

The UK is a tech-savvy nation and, when it comes to e-commerce, any technology that makes the shopping experience easier is highly welcome. Most British consumers approve of biometric verification; fingerprint scanning for payments, in particular, is well received.

The rise of m-commerce

Online shopping via mobile is on the rise, swiftly catching up with desktop shopping. The current trend is for customers to browse for online products on their mobiles or tablets, before placing an order on their desktop computer. It’s crucial, therefore, for webstores to be optimised for mobile.


Of 33 to 54-year-olds are shopping online


Total spend of UK e-shoppers per week


Of consumers have shopped cross-border

Tips for Online Success in the UK

  • Keep up with the latest consumer trends as the UK e-commerce market is dynamic, fast-paced and constantly changing in response to shopper needs.
  • Offer fast, reliable delivery and make sure you provide a quality service that doesn’t disappoint the discerning e-shopping public in the UK, who have high expectations and strict demands.
  • Have a robust returns strategy and provide a reliable returns service that is easy and straightforward for the typical UK customer to use.
  • Make sure your website is optimised for mobile since m-commerce is a growing force in the UK where customers expect a slick and convenient online-shopping experience on their handheld devices.
  • Offer full tracking of goods which is a strong preference for e-shoppers in the UK who expect total reliability and to be kept up to date with accurate information at all times.

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