Why choose Asendia's Premium Goods parcel delivery services to Italy?

If you want a parcel service to Italy that provides excellent features then our Premium Goods service is for you. Asendia has the expertise to get your mail and parcels to Italy efficiently, and we want to make selling to this country as straightforward and profitable for you as possible. We will help you create the best customer journey by combining our Premium Goods service with a range of delivery options, such as tracking, pickup and POD.

Maximum Reliability

We understand that reliable delivery times are more important to your customers than very short delivery windows, which is why, with our Premium Goods service, Asendia offers 1-2 business days from arrival in Italy, covering the full territory. We also offer guaranteed traceability with Proof of Delivery (POD).

A Flexible Service for your Customers

With Asendia, your Italian e-shoppers can follow attempted delivery, arrange new delivery times, change delivery address or request collection at one of 181 branches. Plus, we offer a full track-and-trace service, giving customers complete peace of mind, while our local, multilingual customer service ensures a smooth experience..

Superior Delivery Network

We have broad knowledge of every Italian address and a major network of local experts in delivery, which results in a high quality of distribution. Our Premium Goods range is a personal delivery service, offering customers convenient delivery at home with two free delivery attempts.

The Main Benefits of This Parcel Service to Italy

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Trusted and reliable
parcel delivery covering the whole of Italy

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Convenient and flexible
for your customers with a range of options


Superior personal delivery
service for maximum customer satisfaction

Trends in Italian Retail

The growth of e-commerce

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular, mainly due to significant government investment in technology and increasing reliance on the internet and social media. As such, the e-shopper population is growing year-on-year, along with their annual spend..

New brands

As a country in love with beauty, design and innovation, Italians have an insatiable appetite for new brands. There is a strong culture to keep up with, and stay ahead of, the latest fashions, which means Italian consumers are always searching further afield for fresh names and new products.

Price sensitivity

Italian consumers are highly discerning, price-conscious shoppers. Due to their passion for sourcing great-value products, they frequently head online to hunt for the latest bargains. Make sure your price points are competitive, which will impress this shopping-hungry nation and boost customer loyalty.

Healthy sectors

E-commerce in Italy is in excellent shape, with revenue expected to increase in every sector over the next five years. In particular, toy and DIY, furniture and home appliances, and electronics and media are enjoying outstanding growth.


Annual e-commerce turnover


Percentage of the population who are internet users


Annual spend per e-shopper

Insights on how to sell to Italy

Watch our video on how to gain success in this exciting market, packed with lots of tips and local knowledge on selling to Italian consumers.

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Tips for Online Success in Italy

  • Work with trusted experts to help you deliver in regions where these industry leaders have in-depth knowledge of everything from consumer delivery expectations to customs-clearance processes.
  • Create an Italian version of your website as this is what customers strongly prefer and research has shown that companies with localised websites in Italy secure more success.
  • Offer different delivery options as Italian consumers prefer to have more control over their deliveries and enjoy flexible options when it comes to sending, collecting and returning goods.
  • Keep your prices competitive for savvy shoppers in Italy who are keen on researching the best prices for items and will invest their loyalty in brands who can offer the greatest value.
  • Don’t forget a great returns strategy since returns are now a key part of the online shopping experience for Italian consumers, who prefer a straightforward, easy and transparent returns process.

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