Why choose Asendia's Premium Goods parcel delivery service to Ireland?

If you want a parcel service to Ireland that provides lots of features and is loved by Irish consumers then look no further than our Premium Goods service. Our partnership with An Post's parcel division Post Parcels allows us to offer very competitive rates for parcel delivery in Ireland, and Asendia has the expertise to get your parcels to Ireland efficiently. Couple this with a range of delivery options, such as tracking, delivery steering, PUDO and reliable returns, you're able to offer your Irish consumers a feature-rich parcel delivery service and excellent customer experience.

Irish consumers trust and understand this parcel service

An Post is the proud owner of the title for Most Trusted Brand in Ireland in 2017 showcasing just how great their relationship with the Irish public is. Irish consumers love to see An Post as a delivery option on websites as they know it offers convenience.

Ireland isn't the easiest place to deliver to but An Post provides the local know-how to ensure reliable delivery across the whole of Ireland, urban and rural locations, and Asendia specialises in cross-border logistics, so you won't have to worry about your deliveries reaching their final destinations.

More first time deliveries with extended delivery hours

We want to partner with you to allow you to provide a reliable and flexible service for your customers. The average Irish online shopper demands flexible delivery times to make things more convenient for them. With us you can fulfill these requirements. Evening and Saturday delivery come as standard in many areas.

Save your time by minimising parcel delivery queries

Enable your customers to easily track and steer the delivery of their parcels with An Post's website and app. It provides them with peace of mind and as a result could save you time and resource costs on handling delivery queries. A solution that results in a better customer experience and lower costs, that's what we call a win-win!

The Main Benefits of This Parcel Service to Ireland

Contact us for full details of our Premium Goods parcel service's features and how they can benefit you and your customers in Ireland.


Tried and tested, and trusted parcel delivery across the whole of Ireland from the UK


Convenient and flexible with evening and Saturday delivery and post office collection


Tracking & delivery steering. Better customer experience, saving you time and money

How To Crack The Irish E-commerce Market

If you would like more information about the Irish e-commerce market download our ebook "How To Crack The Irish E-Commerce Market" or continue to read through this page to learn more about the trends in Ireland and our experience in working with this destination.

Trends In Irish Retail

Security is a must

Irish consumers like most, are getting more and more concerned about security when shopping online. If you want to be successful in the Irish e-commerce market you must provide a highly secure online shopping platform. Shoppers look for trustmarks; verified reviews and ratings as evidence of a legitimate brand and proof of this.

Mobile is growing as a shopping channel

In fact, according to PWC’s Irish Total Retail survey report, 30% of consumers expect to be mainly shopping via their phones in the future. Mobile internet use in Ireland is forecast to hit 3.9 million users by 2021, making it critical for e-commerce businesses.

Great customer service is key

Digital retailers like you must provide great customer service in order to stand out. 81% of consumers said that sales assistants with deep product knowledge were important. This element of commerce is set to be one of the biggest topics to cross over between retail and digital in the near future. You must ensure your online store is able to deliver information and expertise as effectively as an in-store encounter would do.

Strong competition and focus on value

Recent years have seen the emergence of a much more price conscious, savvy Irish shopper. In order to stay ahead of this trend brands like yours have looked to discounts and offers to allow them to stay competitive.


of Irish shoppers use Visa to pay online


regard customer service as a valuable experience


forecast mobile internet users in Ireland by 2021

Critical factors for online success in Ireland

Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces are highly regarded by the Irish consumer. Amazon, Ebay and Aliexpress all feature in the top 40 most visited sites in the country. Whilst a presence on marketplace sites could be a great tool for helping you crack the irish e-commerce market, you must ensure you have the right logistics options in place to cope with the orders and fulfillment required. A delivery service to Ireland that lets you down will not only upset your customers and damage your reputation but could also mean marketplaces ban you from using their platform.

Payment options

If you’re looking to crack the Irish e-commerce market then it is also crucial to ensure that you have the right payment options to accommodate your potential customers. In Ireland, Visa is king and 65% of online payments are made using this method. PayPal is the payment method of choice for 20% of consumers. So, if your business is restricted to PayPal-only or credit card only payment options you could be missing out on a large proportion of Irish consumers who would otherwise buy from your brand. Thankfully this is similar to the situation in the UK, so not an issue for most British etailers.

Returns rates

The Irish market expect returns to be hassle free and simple because they are more likely than most other countries to return parcels. We all know returns can be a crippling cost for an e-commerce business if not properly considered. The average returns rate for a website that offers free returns in Ireland is 31-33% whereas sites that charge for this service average 21-24%. The risk is that those that charge are missing out on potential e-commerce sales in the first place, this may be something you should consider before cementing your delivery and returns policies.


Free delivery continues to be a major incentive for Irish consumers. 80% of online shoppers say that they would be more inclined to buy more frequently if free shipping was an option. Most Irish consumers expect to be offered a wide range of shipping choices when buying from an online brand, including low cost and premium services, so they can choose the appropriate service they need at that time. An Post is the national postal and parcel carrier in Ireland and with their partnership with Asendia it is simple for overseas businesses like yours to ship into the country.