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With Asendia, you can expand your business across borders and sell to new audiences around the world. Learn more about great e-commerce destinations and find out everything you need to know to achieve success in those countries, including their customs regulations, consumer preferences and e-commerce landscape.

We have global experience, so we’ll highlight a variety of e-commerce destinations to give you some ideas as to where you can grow your brand next with help from our premium partnerships and local subsidiaries.

Reach the most advanced e-commerce destinations with Asendia

With a combined e-commerce market value of almost $1.5 trillion, it’s no surprise that the USA, UK, China, Russia and France are among the most popular for online retailers wanting to expand across borders and reach new customers. Asendia has solutions for each of these lucrative destinations, which together make up nearly a third of the world’s population. Our Premium Goods service gives you access to the best parcel delivery networks for consumer delivery in these countries, offering a range of features for maximum flexibility and customer satisfaction.

Discover the opportunities these smaller destinations can have on your business growth

Expanding your business to the world’s leading markets may be a common ambition among e-tailers, but have you thought about selling to alternative destinations? There are many benefits to capitalising on less mainstream opportunities, with one key advantage being fewer competitors. Asendia has specialist knowledge of selling to prime e-commerce destinations you may not have considered, such as Switzerland, Norway, Italy, Australia and the Middle East. Explore our tailored solutions for these flourishing destinations today.

Take advantage of our partnerships that support your success in newer markets

Asendia is continually developing Premium Partnerships in the world’s up-and-coming e-commerce markets, giving you unique access to delivery services in those countries. Take advantage of our exclusive partnerships with Israel Post in Israel, An Post in Ireland, and Oman Post in the Middle East. Delivering to emerging destinations requires local knowledge and expertise, which is why Asendia is proud to collaborate with these companies to provide even greater reliability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness for you.

Asendia delivers worldwide, so here is a range of selected markets for you to consider, both emerging and well established.

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