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Australia has a strong economy that has experienced 25+ years of uninterrupted growth, making it an attractive prospect for any exporter. Crucially for UK businesses, Australia is also home to more British citizens than any other foreign country with 1.2+ million Brits having taken up permanent residence there. A lack of language barriers, familiar products and services and a similar legislative and regulatory structure make Australia an obvious choice to explore for British retailers.

The Australian Market

An Overview Of The Australian Market

The Australian Market

The Australian economy ranks as the 13th largest in the world and the 5th largest economy in the Asia-Pacific region. Rates of GDP per capita in Australia make its citizens among the top 5 richest in the world, so this is a ripe market filled with consumers who have disposable income to spend. Many British businesses are already well embedded in the Australian market and have established a degree of trust with Australian consumers, from HSBC and British Airways, to BT and BP.

This has paved the way for other British brands to follow on behind. Technology is a particularly strong sector of the Australian market and there is an increasing demand for international food and drink, particularly high end products.

Finding Your Customers

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world and there are vast areas of its lands with only a sparse population. The most heavily populated cities are Sydney (5m+), Melbourne (4m+), Brisbane (2m+) and Perth (2m+). Together, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane account for around 50% of the entire population of the country so these are key target areas in terms of finding your customers.

Australian consumers have become increasingly more familiar with e-commerce over the past five years and, as a result, the popularity of online shopping has grown at speed. The fashion industry is doing particularly well - around 20% of all online purchases made in Australia are for fashion, footwear and accessories - and clothing retail sales online are forecast to grow at around 1.5% a year with a value of AUD 20.6 billion by 2021/22.


Did you know?

The UK is 7th in the list of Australia's two-way trading partners

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The Basics Of Exporting To Australia

Australian E-Commerce Basics

Local Spending Habits

The Delivery Advantage, a Temando report on e-commerce shipping strategies, found that 92% of Australians spent up to AUS $500 monthly online. While local businesses still dominate the e-commerce market in Australia, there is an openness to change and more people are looking to buy from overseas sellers. 69% of Australian digital buyers already make cross border purchases and this figure is forecast to increase.

In 2016, the Australian e-commerce Market was home to the second largest online population in the Asia-Pacific region. E-commerce is a serious growth sector in this part of the world – so much so that since 2012, Australia has even had its own version of Cyber Monday – ‘Click Frenzy.’ This takes places on the third Tuesday in November and represents a huge opportunity for retailers looking to offer discounts to attract new customers.

Shipping Costs

Australian consumers don’t have the same expectations as British or European consumers do when it comes to free shipping - 44% of Australian retailers share the cost of shipping with the customer but around a third expect the customer bear the full cost. However, as 85% of Australians in The Delivery Advantage survey admitted to abandoning a cart for reasons related to shipping – and 70% of these were due to high shipping costs – this might be an issue that retailers need to address.

Australians also expect to have a wide selection of delivery options to choose from – 83% of Australians expect ultra versatile options such as weekend delivery. Currently, the three most popular shipping options offered by local competitors are Standard (5-7 days), express (1-3 days) and click & collect.


Did you know?

81% of consumer online spending currently goes to local e-commerce businesses

Rules & Regulations

Product Requirements

Items such as gas and electrical goods should be designed to meet Australian safety and technical standards. The Department of Immigration and Border Control specifically advises Australian consumers to look out for this standard so it could be an obstacle to market entry if your products don’t measure up.

Customs Requirements

Imports into Australia are dealt with by the Australian Customs Service and all imported goods must clear customs no matter how they arrive in the country. A 10% Goods and Services Tax is payable on goods and services in Australia and this may also apply to some imported products - although this depends on the item in

question, as well as where it has been shipped from. Low value goods are classed as any worth less than AUD1,000 – there is usually no duty or taxes to pay on these. Items that are worth more than AUD1000 may attract fees and taxes and must be accompanied by an import declaration that specifies what is in the package – this declaration attracts a processing charge.

How Asendia Can Help You Deliver

Asendia offers a range of services to those keen to export to Australian consumers. Our logistics and postal services cater to key Australian delivery expectations, including cost, the ability to track goods and ensure safe and simple returns.

How Asendia Can Help You Export Mail And Parcels To Australia

  • A range of delivery options - Choose from cost effective reliable postal delivery, as well as tracked parcel services with free shipping and tracking platforms for parcels up to 30kg.
  • Simple and effective returns - We offer a range of returns services, including tracked returns so that customer return purchases are easily trackable and traceable, both for you and for your customers.
  • Direct mail - If you’re looking to conduct a direct mail campaign to reach Australian customers we can help you to do it with our mail fulfilment and postal services.
  • Customer magazines - Have you considered the power of a magazine to build customer loyalty and increase sales? We have a specialist business division that can help you produce and deliver magazines.

Australia B2C E-commerce Report 2016

Have you ever considered Australia as a potential market for your e-commerce business? E-commerce Europe’s new report reveals everything you need to know about this highly unique country in the Asia-Pacific region, including the latest retail facts and figures.


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