Simplify your supply chain with our cross docking solution. We can package products from your supplier or manufacturing plant and distribute them straight away to your customers. Skipping the storage phase can help optimise your supply chain and save you money.

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What is cross-docking?

Cross-docking is a distribution system where items received at the warehouse are not received into stock but prepared for shipment to another location straightaway. Asendia’s cross-docking solution mainly focusses on delivery to consumers through our mail or parcel services, but we do also provide distribution to retailers and events too.

Is cross-docking right for you?

Is physical space at your manufacturing site at a premium, perhaps you require the unloading and merging of bulk deliveries from various manufacturers, or you run promotions with a low number of SKU’s and high number of orders in a short period of time, or are able to supply products pre-sold; so urgency is required. If any of this holds true cross-docking could make sense.

Groupon style flash sales

Our cross-docking service is ideal for flash sales such as those available with Groupon, and we have handled cross-docking projects for some very well known brands, as well as smaller online businesses. These sales are often at tight margins so low cost fulfilment is a must, as is speed of fulfilment; slow delivery or packing errors can easily tarnish your brand once customers start discussing it on social media.

Often Groupon style sales involve products being purchased directly from manufacturers for fast resale and can involve kitting elements from different suppliers too. This isn’t too different from normal order fulfilment, except that all of the orders come over a short period of time so minimal storage is required; typically just a matter of days. Cross-docking services aren’t offered by all fulfilment houses because they do not have the space or flexibility offered by Asendia.

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  • Streamline your supply chain with this quicker fulfilment model
  • Minimise the use of space, with no longer term storage
  • It can reduce the cost of labour with minimal handling required i.e. no putting away
  • Goods arrive quickly to the consumer so they are happy
  • Decreased margin for error with less time spent on handling inventory

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