Catalogue Fulfilment

Catalogues remain an excellent marketing tool, especially when supporting your online marketing and sales channels. Asendia provides cost effective catalogue fulfilment solutions; whether you are mailing thousands of catalogues at a time or responding to catalogue requests. No matter where in the world your customers are, we can get your material in front of them quickly and efficiently.

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Catalogue Mailing Fulfilment

With Sitma Polywrapping lines at mailing houses in Bedford and Southampton we can fulfil catalogue mailings large and small.

Whether you’re mailing 100 catalogues or a million catalogues Asendia can provide a solution. With inkjet addressing and carrier-sheet printing capabilities, sophisticated inserting stations, a choice of polythene types, and of course a range of specialist postal services, Asendia offers you ultimate flexibility.

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Catalogue Request Fulfilment

Asendia handles catalogue requests and other literature requests for some high profile companies.

We can connect our fulfilment system to your online literature request forms and your contact centre system, to automatically download the request details and fulfil them as quickly as possible.

Your data feed will be linked to your personalised letter templates or label template and we can enclose your material into an envelope or polybag along with any other inserts. You can choose from a priority or non-priority postal service for UK or international delivery.

We fulfil the following types of literature clothing catalogues, homeware catalogues, travel brochures, information packs, welcome packs, product brochures, instruction manuals, directories, holiday guides, university prospectus.


  • No frills, low cost solutions or additional value added services
  • ISO 9001 accredited fulfilment facilities
  • Direct access to our global postal network

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