We deliver parcels and mail across the Middle East region, to both well established and emerging markets

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Introducing Asendia’s e-commerce parcel delivery solution to
Middle East, in partnership with Oman Post

Asendia’s exclusive partnership with Oman Post allows retailers to access exciting markets across the Middle East, with unique opportunities for e-commerce success and huge growth potential. The Asendia solution comprises Fully Tracked Goods and Standard Goods by Oman Post.

With Fully Tracked Goods, parcels are delivered through the network of Oman Post and partners in the region. Our research has shown that cost and transparency are the most important elements for delivery, which is why we provide this efficient postal service with tracking across the Middle East.

However, for lower value goods it’s also important to offer shoppers the lowest cost delivery or even free delivery! With our Standard Goods service, Asendia makes this affordable. Packages are delivered through the post with no tracking, but it’s still extremely reliable.

The main benefits of our parcel service to the Middle East

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Complete peace of mind
with Middle East experts Oman Post and global specialists Asendia

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Cost efficient
solution for packages up to 2kg and parcels up to 30kg

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Fast and tracked
options as well as lower cost postal services

Key characteristics of the Middle East

Booming markets

Capitalise on a relatively young region for e-commerce which is showing signs of rapid expansion, due to a raft of high-profile deals and partnerships, government support and a cultural shift towards online shopping across the region. With a combined market of $80 billion, e-commerce in the Middle East has almost doubled in size in just a few years.

Less competition

The advantage of comparatively newer e-commerce markets is that the pool of online retailers is smaller, resulting in less competition and more space for you to establish your brand. This allows your company to be a trendsetter too, depending on the country you choose to target; for example, entrepreneurs can inspire more Turkish consumers to shop cross-border, or encourage Kuwait’s shoppers to use social media to snap up exclusive deals.

High profit potential

The Middle East contains some wealthy countries with high-spending consumers who are always on the lookout for the latest brands and products. The region boasts very high per capita income, and much of the wealth is directed towards consumer goods and leisure. Start selling to Middle Eastern markets and gain access to populations with immense shopping power.

Global B2C E-commerce Report 2019

Find out more about the e-commerce landscape, key statistics and consumer preferences of different countries in the Middle East in this exclusive report from Ecommerce Foundation.


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E-commerce Trends in the Middle East

Rise in cross-border shopping

Buying goods from overseas is a trend that’s sweeping across the Middle Eastern region. Research has shown that half of all money spent online goes to merchants outside the consumer’s home country. Furthermore, over two-thirds of shoppers who’ve shopped online locally have also made an online purchase from another country in the past year.

Digital payment

Rising in line with e-commerce is the increasing use of digital payment. Although this region is slightly behind more mature markets when it comes to modern methods of payment, a growing number of countries are leaving the culture of cash payments behind in favour of online or mobile payments. There is still some way to go, but the increasing popularity of online shopping means that the money circulating around e-commerce will be handled purely electronically in the future, whether that’s through credit cards, PayPal, or other.


An increasing number of consumers in the Middle East are completing online purchases on their mobile devices. 67% of e-shoppers in Kuwait and Qatar make mobile purchases, while in Bahrain it’s 52%. For online retailers wanting to establish themselves in this region, having a trustworthy, secure and mobile-friendly online ordering platform is of high importance. This will not only boost sales, but will also improve visibility and increase brand awareness over the years.

Data management and security

Security is a key concern for e-shoppers in the Middle East. ‘Trust’ is the highest priority for online shoppers in this region, ahead of delivery issues and payment problems. This includes a wariness of cybercrime and breaches of data security. Organisations are tightening up their data management and security to put their customers at ease; to gain success in this region, make sure your online platform is as safe and secure as it can be.


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Percentage of internet users in the Middle East


Size of the e-commerce market in the Middle East

Tips for Online Success in the Middle East

  • Partner with an established delivery expert who knows the region and its complexities; from consumer delivery expectations to customs clearance processes and returns.
  • Make sure your website is optimised for mobile because this is the shopping channel of preference for many online shoppers in the Middle East. So follow the principle of mobile-first when developing your ecommerce websites for this region.
  • Explore alternative and emerging markets. It can be tempting to stick to the most obvious markets, but do your research and you might find surprising audiences eager for your products.
  • Make sure your online platform is safe and secure. This is hardly a requirement unique to the Middle East, but for many in this region cross-border shopping is new and they need to see trust signals.
  • Offer a range of electronic payment options. Don't assume that shoppers will be happy to pay by credit card or Paypal just because that's what might be popular elsewhere. There are hundreds of payment options available worldwide, so see what's recommended in the countries you're targeting.

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