USA and Canadian-based Financial Services Organization

​A Canadian-based organization in the financial sector serving nearly 7 million customers and serving the USA market for over a decade.

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Creative Solutions Result in Significant Savings

A Canadian-based organization in the financial sector serving nearly 7 million customers. The company has also done business in the USA for over a decade.

About Customer

Originally started in Canada, this well-established Customer has been serving the financial banking sector for approximately one and a half centuries. A little over a decade ago, the Customer made some acquisitions that allowed it to expand its business into the USA. They have a strong focus on providing best in class customer service and convenience.

The Challenge

Our Customer was in need of a cost-effective process for handling Domestic First Class Flat Mail from their HQ location and their Financial Printing partner located in a bordering state. They also needed an effective method for reconciling the daily mailings from both locations due to the strict auditing regulations in the financial and banking sector.

The Solution

Asendia USA recognized that transportation charges would consume the majority of the cost savings we could provide on the Domestic First Class Flat mail postage. In order to combat this issue, we developed a plan that would eliminate the Customer’s transportation costs. The Customer owned a fleet of courier vehicles that picked up and delivered mail from their local banking branches and printing partners. Asendia USA was able to make use of its courier network so that the Customer could deliver the mail directly to Asendia USA’s facility. By eliminating the transportation costs with this creative solution, Asendia USA was able to offer the Customer a significant cost savings on their Domestic First Class Flat mail.

Further, in order to satisfy the auditing requirements, Asendia USA’s IT team developed a reporting portal that allowed the Customer to see the daily volumes picked up and processed from both locations. This information is posted on a weekly basis and is accessible to the Customer as needed.

Due to the overwhelming success of the Domestic solution, Asendia USA was later awarded the Customer’s Canadian and International mail originating in the United States.​

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