Why you should expand your e-commerce business to France?

05 December, 2017

Exporting to France is a logical next step if you’re keen to explore a new market. This vibrant country has vast pockets of wealth and is populated by consumers who are often keen to get to know new products and retailers.

If growth is currently on your agenda and you’re looking for fresh territory to explore then there are some very good reasons why you should expand your e-commerce business to France.

7 good reasons to consider exporting to France

1. French consumers are very open to buying from overseas retailers. For example, in 2015 19% of e-commerce sales were generated by purchases made from websites outside of France. If you’re exporting to France then you’ll need to bear in mind competition from local products and French consumer quality expectations but there is no outright barrier for a foreign business.

2. There is a market in France for a broad range of products. Technology and electronics, furniture, art and fashion – all of these (and more) are of interest to French consumers.

3. The e-commerce market in France is booming. E-commerce sales in France are forecast to reach an impressive 53.23 billion USD by 2018. Online is a strong growth market in France and one that represents an impressive opportunity for businesses outside the country to start gaining ground.

4. French marketplaces are growing at speed. France has its own version of global names such as Amazon and eBay and these are expanding in popularity at an incredibly fast rate.

5. France e-commerce is one of Europe’s driving forces. If European expansion is on the cards for you then France is a great option. Online retail sales in Europe as a whole are forecast to double by next year to 323 billion Euros and France is the third biggest market in the entire zone.

6. There’s no cultural barrier. Exporting to France means you’re dealing with a relatively similar consumer mindset so there are no cultural issues to overcome. Plus, a large number of people speak English. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the best way to communicate with French consumers is in their own first language and labeling must have a French version.

7. Free trade. Currently, exporting to France is simple with low tax to pay and few restrictions when it comes to customs unless you’re exporting something like firearms. If you’re looking to expand into a market with minimal red tape, France is an obvious choice.

How to find e-commerce success in France

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