Tracked Goods: the Ideal International Parcel Service

27 July, 2018

International parcel delivery provides an effective way to expand an e-commerce business across borders. If you’re going to reach out to a new audience, or bring your products to customers in different countries, then you will need to engage a reliable international parcel delivery service to help you do it. The best shipping providers offer a range of delivery options, such as cost effective standard delivery and courier services. The Tracked Goods - Mailbox delivery option is also popular for a number of very good reasons.

Peace of mind for the customer (and you)

Tracked Goods provide transparency on your delivery from start to finish. Both the business and the customer can see key, real time data about the progress of the parcel. This gives your customers peace of mind that their package is on its way and that it is making good progress without any obstacles impeding its journey. You’ll also be able to see where the parcel is, making it easier to answer customer queries and get your own reassurance about items that are particularly sensitive.

A great option for deliveries

The tracking element of this service is perfect for all type of goods, such as accessories, books, gadgets, etc. When goods are purchased from overseas, your customer is looking to reduce the risk of their goods getting lost. Tracking purchases will ensure that there is transparency on the package, should something happen to it on its journey. It will also mean that it’s more difficult for a customer to claim their item never made it into the country when the tracking shows that it did.

Mailbox delivery for convenience

Some customers prefer to have items handed to them via personal delivery but Tracked Goods also include the option of Mailbox delivery. This can be more convenient for customers, as it means that no one needs to be at home to receive the package for low value items and parcels are usually delivered on the first attempt. This is a great way to guarantee low value goods are delivered efficiently.

Simplifying customs and duties

The Tracked Goods service is ideal for international deliveries up to 2kg with simplified customs clearance and priority handling. The service also means that customers can avoid paying duties and taxes for lower value items, making them more likely to return to buy from your e-commerce store once again.

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