Why Direct Marketing is Still Relevant in 2019

19 September, 2019

Has 2019 seen the revival of the humble post box? Contrary to what some digital marketing experts will tell you, snail mail is not dead.

In fact, a study recently revealed that 57.1% of direct mail was opened in 2018. Do your emails get the same kind of reaction? According to Smart Insights, the average open rate for emails sent from small to medium-sized businesses is 15.57%. Those are pretty discouraging figures if you’re ploughing your entire marketing budget into digital media alone.

So let’s take a look at what makes direct marketing a fantastic tool to integrate into your business growth strategy this year.

Don’t believe the hype

There’s always a ton of doom gloom whenever digital threatens to take down an established industry. But eBooks have not yet killed paperback – in truth, the industry is thriving, and vinyl records are all the rage with millennials. So, while progress is necessary for all businesses, there is a need for a fine balance between the old and the new. Part of the reason as to why books and old-school records are still able to find a market in 2019 is the consumer’s need for something tangible. We are inundated with media across all of our digital devices, and as our attention spans shrink, the necessity to unplug and engage our senses becomes undeniable.

Direct marketing fits in very well with this theory.


Because something about getting a personalised letter or a beautifully designed catalogue makes us more likely to trust the advertising message. This is due to the sheer volume of digital advertising exposure per consumer. The assault of often low-quality content can leave buyers questioning the authority and validity of the seller.

Direct mail hangs around

Unlike some other formats, the recipient of your direct mail has to physically engage with the item you’ve sent them. They have to make a decision whether to open it, they have to look at it to ensure that it’s not something personal – all of these contact points are opportunities for your creative marketing to do the talking and encourage the customer to take the content into their home and read it, or save it for later review. On a psychological level, that’s a much deeper interaction than a simple click of the waste paper basket if your email’s subject line didn’t capture the receiver’s attention.

Direct mail doesn’t discriminate.

Yes, we may be in the age of driverless cars and other futuristic actualisations. But some businesses are catering to a target audience that may lack the ability to interact with online platforms. This could be due to age, geographic location or personal preference. So if your business targets a hard-to-reach customer or one that simply enjoys the ease of browsing through a physical catalogue, direct mail is still the most effective way to engage those consumers.

Digital and direct mail go together like a horse and carriage

The big secret to launching successful marketing campaigns is to create a happy marriage between your direct and digital marketing efforts. That’s where the return on investment becomes visible to your key stakeholders and, most importantly, in your profit margins.

Creating campaigns that incorporate direct mail enhances your digital efforts and helps you track performance.


Well, for example, you could create a bit of a communication sandwich. Say you’re a new gym opening up in a particular suburb. You will target your Facebook Ads to your matching buyer personas in that area. Then, the following week, you could post leaflets to those same individuals with a promo code, inviting the recipients to visit your website and claim their free training session. You’ve gone from digital, to direct mail and back to digital; each time, zoning in on a very specific target and creating an ecosystem which allows you to monitor responsiveness to your advertising as well as collect data for future marketing campaigns. What’s more, the prospect now has something tangible at home that they can stick to their fridge and remember to follow up on later.

Direct mail can be as fun and exciting as you’re willing to make it. From sending glossy brochures to lumpy mail, it provides you with plenty of opportunities to get creative and, most importantly, get noticed. If you’d like to find out more about Asendia’s direct mail services and how we are able to assist you in making powerful direct marketing campaigns, get in touch with us today.

Want to find out more about how direct marketing can help your organisation in 2019? Get in touch with the Asendia team today.