Why Asendia are different to regular courier services

29 August, 2017

Asendia Logo on a building.

Choosing an international courier service isn’t always the easiest task. There are many options out there for tracked international parcel delivery but not all couriers are the same.

Asendia is a new breed of parcel delivery company that combines a forward thinking service with deep industry expertise. We offer a wide range of delivery services and a perspective that sets us apart.

Why Asendia are different

There are many reasons why Asendia are different when it comes to courier services – these are just a few of them:

Asendia’s most popular international parcel services are not courier services. We provide a combination of mail, tracked mail, and parcel services; as well as true ‘courier’ services. In fact it’s typically not an express courier service that is in demand; a slower more cost effective solution often meets the customer’s needs.

Asendia has unbeatable industry experience. The company was created as a joint venture between two industry stalwarts - La Poste and Swiss Post. This has given us a unique depth of experience, both in terms of local parcel delivery and international courier services.

We have a huge network. Today, the Asendia network extends across 1,000 people in fifteen country offices in Europe, Asia and the USA. We have a truly global reach.

Asendia is also local. Our business structure enables us to have access to a huge global network and to combine this with deep local knowledge and on the ground presence. This is the key to great delivery services wherever you are in the world.

The Asendia approach is highly innovative. Innovation is key to our service and we foster a culture of continuous improvement. We are always growing and adapting to the challenges of international courier delivery to ensure that we provide the best possible service. From new collaborations, to a more sustainable approach to growth, Asendia is continuously positively evolving.

We understand e-commerce needs. The experience and insight within the Asendia group is combined with an ongoing thirst for knowledge about our customers’ needs and process. As a result, we fully support e-commerce operations of all sizes and types, from start-ups to large and extensive operations. We understand the needs of our customers thanks to a formal customer feedback policy and our error rates are some of the lowest in the industry.

Asendia constantly strives to meet (and set) new standards. We hold numerous accreditations and certifications that demonstrate commitments to quality, sustainability and service. Working with industry experts enables us to improve and evolve these standards on an ongoing basis.

These are just a few of the reasons why Asendia are different to other courier services – if you’d like to find out more about how we can help your business grow across borders with e-commerce and mail solutions contact one of our specialist teams.