What Impacts the Cost of Worldwide Shipping

22 August, 2019

In an increasingly challenging environment for retailers of all kinds, it has never been more important to ensure your business is maximising profitability.

If you’re shipping products around the world this is likely one of your largest cost bases, but how much does worldwide shipping cost, and how can Asendia help you deliver?

How much does worldwide shipping cost?

There is no single, straightforward answer to this question. The more steps there are in the fulfilment process, the more expensive it can become.

Deliveries within the UK are taken to a depot before being taken to their destination by a courier.

However, international deliveries require much more work. The parcels will be taken to a depot first, before being taken to an airport or port for transportation to the destination country. Once it arrives in that country there will be customs checks before it is passed onto the courier for the final leg of the journey.

The main factors influencing cost

The cost of worldwide shipping is influenced by various factors, including:

The size and weight of the product being transported.

How far the parcel needs to travel.

The specific customs arrangements within the destination country. For example a parcel from the UK can enter the EU much more easily than the United States, Australia or other non-EU nation.

The level of service required i.e. postal, parcel or express courier.

The company you choose to work with.

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Asendia’s solutions

With over 1,000 employees across 15 countries worldwide, there are few fulfilment companies better placed than Asendia to help you deliver on your worldwide shipping.

Track your goods from country to country

When it comes to buying products from other countries, having faith in a retailer to deliver a product safely and on time is one of the biggest factors affecting a consumer’s purchasing decision.

With our Country-tracked Goods service we are able to provide peace of mind to both retailer and customer, with updates on the status of the delivery, including when it leaves the country of origin and arrives in the destination country. This service also offers access to a free online platform that helps the retailer prepare the parcels for shipping.

A smarter approach to international shipping

For larger organisations that are selling a high number of products outside of their own country, our Multinational Fulfilment service could be the perfect solution, allowing for fulfilment within the destination country itself.

This either eliminates the need for cross-border shipping in cases where you’re selling products in that country, or reduces the cost of fulfilment considerably.

For example, our fulfilment centre located in Singapore is very well placed to deliver on orders originating from Asia, reducing the distance the product has to travel, lessening the impact of time difference and having access to the network of couriers in that part of the world.

To find out more about how Asendia can help with your worldwide shipping, including our Country-tracked Goods and Multinational Fulfilment service, we’ll be happy to answer any queries or provide a free quote.

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