What do US shoppers look for when buying cross-border?

06 August, 2019

With stable infrastructure and a long history of global trading, the US is an appealing prospect for any business.

As a result of high internet penetration, shoppers in the world’s largest economy are more willing than ever to shop internationally; B2C e-commerce sales reached $522 billion in 2018 and more and more Americans are buying cross-border.

Tech-savvy American shoppers are typically open-minded, relatively affluent and happy to spend time and money online; events like Cyber Monday alone generated $7.7 billion last year.

What do American shoppers expect from e-commerce?

As a large and well-established region, the US market can be highly competitive; the most visited e-commerce sites are marketplaces Amazon, eBay and Craigslist. From dealing with e-commerce giants such as Amazon and eBay, US consumers expect first-rate customer service. Handling returns, refunds and deliveries smoothly is a must for any e-commerce business targeting the US.

American consumers are comfortable making digital payments; 62% prefer using credit cards, 58% like online payment services such as PayPal and Amazon, and 47% pay using direct debit. As such, US online shoppers expect a professional, easy-to-use and secure website is a must to gain consumer trust, while services such as regular delivery updates can help build that rapport.

42% of American shoppers opt for economy delivery services, with just 7% choosing next-day or same-day and only 9% will pick up items in store. US consumers are reluctant to pay a premium for faster delivery; they’re happy to wait.

For more information on the US e-commerce market, visit our webpage that’s dedicated to this exciting destination.

Offer quick, reliable delivery straight to the shopper’s door for a reasonable cost and American shoppers are likely to return time and again.

USA B2C E-Commerce Report 2019

‘USA B2C E-Commerce Report 2019’ is our free light report in partnership with the Ecommerce Foundation. It reviews the current e-commerce landscape in the United States of America.


A Premium solution for US shoppers

US cross-border shoppers expect a premium service that can ensure quick delivery to every corner of the US, a smooth journey through customs and outstanding customer service at every stage.

Asendia’s Premium Goods solution is specifically tailored for the US market. From upfront costs ensuring there are no hidden surprises at customs, to a range of home delivery options by trusted carriers, Asendia’s highly-competitive Premium Goods solution is tailored to US consumer preferences.

With Premium Goods, your US customers can enjoy

  • Fast delivery: US distribution centres ensure access to the very best parcel distribution networks
  • Reliable service: A range of delivery options, made by trusted local carriers
  • Regular updates: International tracking via email or text keeps customers informed
  • Pre-paid customs: Upfront costs for customers and a smooth customs process for sellers

Asendia’s global network, combined with local expertise, makes it easy to target new markets. See how a tailored solution like Premium Goods can help your business grow cross-border by contacting us today.

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