What Do I Need to Send a Parcel to Switzerland?

11 August, 2020

Switzerland is approximately 777 miles away from the UK, and it will take you just over 16 hours to drive there. If you'd like to spare yourself the trip and get someone else to deliver your Swiss bound parcels there are just a few things you need to know.

Customs documents

Switzerland is not part of the EU, and you will, therefore, need to fill out a customs declaration form. The customs label you require will depend on the value of the items being sent. Anything up to £270 needs the CN22 customs form, and for items over the value £270, you should use the CN23 form.

Some goods are prohibited or restricted, so make sure you check which category your items fall into and whether they are eligible for postage. You will have to declare the contents of your package on the declaration form, so always make sure that you're compliant to avoid delays in delivery.

Know your costs

While there are tonnes of opportunities for e-commerce businesses looking to export to Switzerland, it's essential to make sure that your venture will be profitable.

When sending parcels, you need to look into what VAT and customs duties may be applied. The Swiss customs authority charges any applicable customs duties based ont the weight and contents of the parcel, not on the value. Depending on the type of goods you're sending, you may also need to consider packaging costs, insurance, and shipping.

Contact Asendia for a comprehensive, no-obligation quote if you'd like to get a more accurate picture of costing for shipping your particular products.

Type of packaging to use

There are plenty of options when it comes to packaging. Your choice depends on the contents of your parcels and the level of protection required. At Asendia, we work closely with an exclusive list of suppliers, enabling us to source the best packaging at trade prices for our clients. The final size and weight of your parcel will affect the shipping cost, so if you're using a third-party order fulfilment partner, make sure that they can pack your goods safely and economically.

Your parcels must be clearly labelled; the house number and street name are written on the same line, followed by the city name and zip code. The label should be positioned in a visible location, and the contact details of the recipient must be provided in case they need to be reached by the courier or customs officials.

How can Asendia help you?

As a subsidiary of Swiss Post, Asendia is one of the best companies to partner with when looking to ship goods to Switzerland. Our extensive network enables us to provide the fastest, most reliable service for getting your goods into the country. We can package, label, and deliver your parcels in a way that fits your budget and requirements. With a variety of options for fast and standard deliveries, as well as track and trace services, we are the trusted courier of choice for many cross-border vendors.

Contact us today, and let's discuss the best solution for your e-commerce business.