What are the Best Business Options for International Delivery?

16 July, 2018

If your business is in need of international delivery options then you have plenty of choice. Advances in global logistics mean that it’s possible to find the right services for your budget and customers, no matter where in the world you’re shipping to. From a range of different delivery services through to customs support, the best options for international delivery will make shipping simpler, swifter and more cost effective too.

Tracked shipping

Customers today expect their parcels and packages to come with tracking. Using a service that offers tracking is a simple way to build trust with customers and to ensure that you are providing plenty of information about a parcel in transit. You can also make your own operations more efficient by opting for tracking for international delivery, as this will reduce the number of customer contact requests you have to deal with concerning parcel location.

Mailbox or personal delivery

Some customers may prefer the option of a mailbox delivery, which means that they don’t need to be present to accept a parcel from a courier or post person. For others, the best delivery option is personal delivery, as this means that the package isn’t considered delivered until it has been signed for. The best business options for international delivery will give you a choice of either so that your customers don’t have to go elsewhere for the service that they want.

Premium vs. budget

The best international delivery services provide options that cater to the needs of different budgets. You may be looking for an economy service that still provides reliable shipping, as well as features such as email notifications at key points in the process of transit. Or you may be in need of premium options that ensure tracking and provide the fastest choices when it comes to delivery times. In terms of business options for international delivery it’s always important to be able to provide a balance of both to match all budgets.

Extensive services

International delivery for businesses can take many different forms, from a simple letter to sending out marketing materials or managing the shipping and warehousing for high volumes of parcels. The best business options include an extensive range of services that cater both to the simplest needs and those that involve more management, many more parcels and may also require options for warehousing too.

How to optimise your e-commerce business internationally

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