United States B2C E-commerce Report 2016

01 September, 2016

The United States is one of the largest and most established e-commerce markets in the world ‒ yet there’s still plenty of opportunity for cross-border retailers.

As one of the biggest English-speaking countries, the United States is an ideal market for many businesses, according to E-commerce Europe’s new report (sponsored by Asendia).

67% of the adult American population, a sizable 173.6 million people, shop online, and average spend per e-shopper is nearly $3,500. The average age of the population is a relatively young 37.8 years, with 72.4% of the total population under 55. This youthful demographic is reflected in Americans’ use of social media: 41% of the population use Facebook, while considerable numbers also use Twitter and other social networks, suggesting that retailers should build their presence on these platforms to best reach their target audience.

But while social media is an integral part of US life, only 59% of American adults use a smartphone; nonetheless, m-commerce already accounts for 20% of total online sales ‒ a figure which is growing rapidly. It is also important to consider how US adults use their mobile phones: mobile actually accounts for 60% of time spent shopping online, but consumers cite security concerns and smaller screen size as reasons for not completing a sale on their phone.

Ranked in the top 10 for Logistics Performance, Ease of Doing Business, and E-Government, the United States’ economy is continuing to improve and it has one of the highest eGDP shares in the world. E-commerce Europe’s report also offers helpful tips for growth in the US, including country-specific legislation, and guidance from experts including Mark Feinstein Sr, VP Business Development at Asendia USA.

Download the United States B2C E-commerce Report 2016 here to discover all the facts and know-how you need to expand your business into the US.