Romania – Additional measures in response to COVID-19

27 March, 2020

The designated operator of Romania, CN Poșta Română SA, asks us to inform other Union member countries and their designated operators of additional measures being taken in response to the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Poșta Română is currently unable to send letter-post and parcel-post items to an increasing number of countries both within and outside the European Union, owing to the suspension of flights. Therefore, for the time being it is no longer accepting letter-post and parcel-post items for destinations to which transport capacities are unavailable.

In addition, it is unable to send outbound EMS items and will no longer accept such items until sufficient transport capacity becomes available. Open transit mails cannot be accepted for any destination country.

Poșta Română would like to thank all members for their understanding; it will update them via EmIS on any relevant changes.