New Zealand – Disruption of mail operations

10 October, 2017

New Zealand Post wishes to further advise the designated operators of UPU member countries that, owing to the interception of a suspicious item, its Auckland office of exchange was evacuated for a number of hours on the morning of Tuesday, 10 October.

Operations have since resumed, but at reduced capacity for the remainder of the day with normal operations expected to re-commence on Wednesday, 11 October.

Outbound processing of mail items has been impacted; therefore, dispatches pre-advised in PREDES messaging may take an additional day to arrive, compared with scheduled arrivals. New Zealand Post will work closely with its airline partners to expedite dispatch and reduce any delays.

Inbound processing of items may also see some disruption; however, New Zealand Post expects normal operations to re-commence as of Wednesday, 11 October.

New Zealand Post wishes to thank all designated operators for their understanding.