Korea - Force Majeure (COVID-19)

10 April, 2020

Korea Post (KR) would like to notify all members about the Force Majeure below:

Designated Operator: Korea Post
Start date of Force Majeure: 06 April 2020
End date of Force Majeure: TBC

Description: As the Korean government raised the country's alert level for COVID-19 (nCoV-2019) to its highest on Feb 23rd, the postal services have also been affected by the regulatory measures in line with social distancing, self-quarantine, disinfection, and so on.

In this respect, delivery men/women cannot enter the residences of people infected or self-quarantined as well as non face-to-face deliveries are taking place for most areas.

Obtaining signatures for registered items are not guaranteed due to the risk of infection in most parts of the country.


Source: PRIME posts