How packaging can affect the customer experience of your e-commerce business

01 December, 2017

In the e-commerce world, packaging can have a big influence on everything, from customer perception to brand loyalty. Although it has always played a role as part of business branding, e-commerce has given packaging a new significance.

Now, it not only represents an opportunity to ensure a product arrives in good condition but is also a way to drive customer loyalty and positive brand perception.

5 ways the customer experience is affected by packaging

1. That all-important first impression.

The packaging is the first thing your customer sees – it is the gateway to your brand. If your products arrive in unbranded packaging or containers that haven’t travelled well then this doesn’t help to create a good first impression. The best e-commerce packaging starts the customer experience with the anticipation of what’s inside – for that to happen the packaging needs to be distinctive, functional and appealing.

2. Protecting the products.

There is little more detrimental to an e-commerce brand than products that arrive damaged or disheveled. The first focus for all packaging design needs to be the best way to ensure that products get to consumers in pristine condition. Durable packaging that will withstand potential rough treatment in transit is a must.

3. Satisfaction.

Did you know that Apple has it’s own secret “packaging room” where it continuously tests packaging designs to improve on the unboxing experience? If you’ve ever opened a new Macbook or iPhone you’ll know that there is a serious sense of satisfaction in handling the packaging, not just the aesthetics but the way it all fits together and the finished feel. It’s considered the optimum customer experience packaging. For many people it’s become as much a part of being an Apple customer as owning the product. If you want to develop a similar experience for your customers then you’ll need equally well-designed packaging.

4. Business credentials.

If your business is built on sustainable credentials or you’re looking to demonstrate responsible use of materials and labour your packaging can play a big role in this. Using sustainable materials, creating packaging with minimal waste and investing in innovative packaging solutions made with fair trade can all deliver a serious boost to the values that you want to get across.

5. Consistent branding.

Well-designed packaging can contribute a lot to consistent brand perception. It’s not just about the aesthetics and the feel but the clarity of the design and whether it makes sense to the consumer. Use your packaging to incorporate subtle brand messages, essential information and an experience consistent with your brand values to make your packaging work harder for you.


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