How Asendia can help improve your customer service for exporting parcels to Switzerland

30 October, 2017

Bern skyline.

Switzerland has consistently been ranked as the world’s most competitive economy by the World Economic Forum. As a country with strong economic growth and a thriving online retail environment it’s an attractive prospect for e-commerce businesses looking to sell into new markets.

If this is a market you want to secure then exporting parcels to Switzerland will be a key concern for your business – Asendia can help you manage this efficiently to boost your customer service and sales.

How Asendia can help

When it comes to exporting parcels to Switzerland we have a proven track record and a well-established infrastructure that is designed to make it simple to reach customers in this market. Asendia can support your customer service via exporting parcels to Switzerland in a number of key ways.

Local expertise – our founding companies are La Poste and Swiss Post so we have a vast amount of inherent knowledge when it comes to the Swiss market. We provide a global network blended with a local presence and in-depth local knowledge of key issues, such as delivery networks and customs.

A range of services for your customers – exporting parcels to Switzerland requires options to ensure that all your customers get the service they’re looking for. At Asendia we offer a wide range of choice when it comes to delivery services, from business mail, to solutions for premium goods.

Real time tracking –Asendia can includes the transparency of real time tracking. This means that both your business and the customer that you’re shipping to can see where the ordered package is at all times. Customers really appreciate this kind of information, as it builds trust and ensures that they don’t have to chase for updates. It plays a crucial role in enabling an e-commerce business to create a positive reputation for customer service.

Extensive options for your business – you may only require support when it comes to delivery services, or you might be in need of full warehousing and fulfilment or even direct marketing services. Asendia offers an extensive range of flexible options that you can tailor to suit your business’ individual needs.

Support and help – whether it’s a return, or a dispute over an item, working with Asendia provides plenty of support and help. For example, if you’re exporting parcels to Switzerland but the wrong item has been sent we can swiftly help you to retrieve it and dispatch a replacement. If there is a dispute we can provide evidence to help back you up. Exporting parcels to Switzerland is simpler and more effective with Asendia on board.