Global B2C E-commerce Report 2018

21 August, 2019

Global internet penetration has increased to almost 60%

This exclusive report by Ecommerce Foundation explores the commercial opportunities and challenges for the main destinations in the global e-commerce market. The report also features a host of expert interviews with international organisations such as Awin, Alipay, and SAP Customer Experience.

Infrastructure & Logistics

The main e-commerce indices show that Europe is leading the way, with Germany ranking first in the Logistics Performance Index, the UK top of the E-Government Development Index, and Sweden ahead of the rest in the Internet Inclusivity Index. However, countries in other regions are also doing well across the indices, including the US, Japan, and the UAE.

E-commerce Landscape

Almost half of the global population is between 25 and 54 years old. These millennials are ensuring that global e-commerce is on the rise, with multimedia (such as music, movies, and games) being the most popular online category, followed by consumer electronics.

With regards to individual regions, in South America the mass-market adoption of smartphones is a relatively recent phenomenon, lagging behind desktop usage; internet penetration in North America is close to 100%; social media penetration is particularly strong in Europe; mobile is the go-to device for internet use in the Middle East; the highest population segment in Africa is 0-14 years old; and mobile networks have taken over fixed broadband in Asia and Oceania.

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Global B2C E-Commerce Report 2019

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