European B2C E-commerce Report 2017

19 July, 2017

Online retail in Europe is growing exponentially, particularly in Southern Europe. This is one of the many interesting findings of the European E-commerce Report 2017, sponsored by Asendia.

With a growth rate of 15.43% in 2016 and a resulting e-commerce turnover of €550.58 billion in 2016, the impact of B2C e-commerce on the European economy has been increasing in the past years. This growth is expected to continue in the years to come, resulting in European e-commerce sales of €603bn in 2017, and €660bn in 2018.

Biggest online turnover is in western Europe

The United Kingdom, France and Germany are clearly the front runners in terms of e-commerce in Europe, as they account for almost 70% of all online turnover. The United Kingdom is leading in turnover, with a €197 billion B2C e-commerce market. However, some countries have higher percentages of consumers shopping online, namely Luxembourg (98%), Norway (98%), and Denmark (97%).

There is plenty room for growth

According to the report, 77% of enterprises have a website, but only 18% are selling online, leaving much room for improvement. Additionally, the report highlights the growth of e-commerce, as mobile devices are an up-and-coming medium in which consumers purchase online. For example, an average of 75% of Europeans have used their mobile device to purchase online within the last 6 months, with 25% of them purchasing 2-3 times a month.

The report also features Renaud Marlière - our Marketing and Sales Officer – exclusive insights on the European market and the importance of tracking.

[Source: E-commerce Europe]

The European B2C E-commerce Report 2017 is an ideal starting point to getting to know this market; download the free light report here.