Customs and Customers

Customs duties are an essential part of the international customer experience; while preparing to sell cross-border and getting your head around its customs, be sure to keep focused on the needs, wants and preferences of your customer.

Clear information must be provided at the point of purchase to start a pleasant customer journey. Avoid negative experiences (and reviews) by including customs costs in their checkout calculation, otherwise your valued customers may find their packages stuck in ‘customs limbo’.

Give your shoppers full visibility of costs, and make sure they’re protected from unwelcome surprises.

Everything You Need to Know About Customs

This free report shares everything you need to know about global customs and cross-border delivery covering duties, VAT and customs regulations.



Businesses are registered by customs authorities to trade goods in and out of the EU


Of customs declarations are made electronically


Customs declarations are processed every year - that's 10 declarations every second!

Switzerland: One of the World’s Best E-commerce Destinations

There are many factors that make Switzerland an ideal destination for online retailers. Having evolved from Swiss Post in a joint enterprise with La Poste, Asendia has unparalleled experience to help you achieve e-commerce success in this flourishing nation.

Watch our video on the customs of Switzerland and see how easy it can be to expand here.

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How to Select the Right International Delivery Provider

This free e-book explains what you should look for when selecting an international delivery provider.


The Benefits of Working with Asendia on Customs

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Global e-commerce expertise, delivering to over 220 destinations.

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Over 15 bases across Europe, Asia and the USA, with vaste knowledge of customs worldwide.

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Partnership with the best organisations for the latest destination information and e-commerce insights.