The Benefits Of Asendia’s Returns Solutions

19 September, 2018

E-Commerce Returns

Well managed returns are crucial to the success of an E-commerce business. Whether you’re shipping locally or internationally, it’s important to have a system in place that enables you to handle the process of returns quickly and easily.

Consumers today expect to be able to make returns – and for their experience of it to be simple and fast – so if you want to maintain high standards of customer service, strong returns solutions need to be part of your plan.

Managing your orders

Asendia offers a range of solutions for managing and tracking orders and returns to ensure that you meet customer expectations when it comes to service levels. Our team has plenty of experience in finding solutions to the delivery and returns needs of both domestic and international E-commerce retailers and we have developed smart systems that enable us to simplify the retailer and shopper journey.

Our managing orders solutions support fulfilment, inventory management and pick and pack and we have a network of warehouses around the world to ensure that your business can reach customers wherever they are. Our delivery expertise covers virtually every international market and we have strong solutions in key locations such as the US, UK, Asia, Germany, Norway, with a range of delivery options that support positive service for your customers. Our delivering solutions include premium services, customs clearance solutions, country-tracked goods, mailbox delivery and courier services.

E-commerce Returns Benefits

Offering E-commerce returns to your customers could boost brand perception and loyalty and make life a lot easier for your customers. The right E-commerce returns solution also has a number of attractive benefits for the business.

  • Local returns centres help to build customer trust. If you’re able to offer a local returns address for international purchases, you can reduce the cost to customers and help to build trust in your brand. Asendia returns services are supported by returns centres that we own in a number of key markets, making it easier to enable a “local” returns solution for every audience.
  • A simplified returns process reduces the time and effort required to handle returns within the business. For example, Asendia’s Shipping platform helps you minimise the complexity of dealing with returns, even if they are international. As Asendia returns are flexible and scalable they can adjust with your business as it pauses or grows.
  • Giving your customers the broadest range of delivery options will boost conversions. Study after study has found that delivery options – and returns service – have a big influence over whether customers choose to shop with a specific brand. Particularly if you’re looking to break into a new market, offering competitive delivery and returns services could be a key deciding factor for consumers who are new to your offering.
  • Hassle-free returns generate positive customer service reviews. Rather than viewing returns as a problem to be dealt with, it’s far better to look at returns as an opportunity to contribute to positive brand perception. Customers who have a good experience when returning an item are often happy to talk about this online or tell others. The end result is a boost to the reputation of your business when it comes to positive customer service reviews.
  • Giving customers peace of mind means that they will return. Customers left worrying over whether a return has been received, how long it will take to process and whether they will get a refund may choose to shop elsewhere next time. A clear returns policy, as well as a returns service with the option of tracking, can help to give your customers a much more positive experience, which means they will be more likely to shop with you again.

The quality returns solutions offered by Asendia are the best choice for any E-commerce business. Whether you’re looking to offer domestic and international returns, we have a range of solutions to suit all needs.


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