5 tips for improving your parcel fulfilment service to Switzerland

31 October, 2017

E-commerce in Switzerland is a small but very vibrant and lucrative market. In 2016, Swiss consumers purchased €1.22billion worth of goods from overseas websites.

With one of the highest mobile densities in the world, Switzerland is the perfect place for exporters with an eye on expanding into wealthy markets where the latest e-commerce trends are quickly absorbed. If you’re keen to engage in more e-commerce in Switzerland then parcel fulfilment service to this part of the world is key.

1. Make sure you don’t suffer customs delays

Swiss customs handle all packages coming in and out of the country, and Swiss Post – Asendia’s parent company - is a designated customs clearance administrator. Although the system is set up to be swift there are many potential points of delay that could impact on your parcel delivery times. Goods under the value of 62.50 CHF don’t attract customs duties but anything over that will. Working with an experienced parcel fulfilment service can take the responsibility for customs clearance out of your hands and ensure that your deliveries don’t suffer unnecessary delays.

2. Offer a wide range of delivery options

Swiss customers are quite used to paying for their shipping although free postage is becoming a theme in Switzerland, as everywhere else. However, they do expect a range of delivery options, from budget through to fast shipping. Shipping options also play a big role in whether purchases are made in the first place so it’s worth investigating what you can offer. If your current parcel fulfilment arrangements don’t allow for different delivery choices it could be holding your business back.

3. Tracking is essential

Being able to track a delivery gives customers the kind of reassurance that encourages an initial purchase. This is the same for e-commerce in Switzerland as anywhere else in the world. You can minimise enquiries and ensure a better customer experience by using a parcel fulfilment service that offers tracked delivery.

4. Ensure there is integration

Swiss Post is an efficient postal network, which has a wide reach, even to some of the more remote areas of the country. This makes fulfilment of e-commerce orders in Switzerland simple and fast – as long as the integration with your own parcel fulfilment service is there. You can optimise the potential of this efficient local network by working with a fulfilment service with strong links to Swiss Post.

5. Provide hassle free returns

Returns can have a big impact on customer loyalty – a huge 79% of consumers will take their business elsewhere if they experience poor customer service. While it’s important to be able to make the initial delivery on time it’s also crucial to be able to offer fuss-free returns. Your parcel fulfilment service can play a big role in this, from the returns information provided, to the speed at which returned goods are assessed.