Premium Goods by wnDirect

Faster than you can say, “Cheaper than Express".

Premium Goods by wnDirect takes your delivery service to the next level offering more parcel visibility, branded parcel updates to your shoppers and a high level of reporting.

With wnDirect, we offer you a reliable service; specifically designed for e-commerce retailers wanting a fluid logistics process and no customs delays.

This service provides seamless delivery in 3 - 5 transit days average within Europe and 6 - 10 for Rest of World.


Boost sales and shopper loyalty thanks to your customer’s positive experience​

With 100% tracked parcel visibility, proactive communication, three delivery options and more features, this service is an excellent delivery experience available to over 200 destinations.

How retailers can benefit from Premium Goods by wnDirect

  • 100% tracked from entry point into our network until final delivery reduces inbound enquiries
  • Simple IT integration through a wide variety of platforms and access through Asendia Shipping
  • Electronic customs clearance; Managed Duty, Tax & ID requirements, customs prepaid (DDP)
  • Lower refusal rate thanks to full transparency on the total cost at the moment of purchase
  • Our multiple injection points in the EU means you can enter our network wherever is most convenient for your business
  • Bespoke branded delivery updates by email or SMS in your customers’ local language
  • Near to express transit times at a competitive price
  • Available to over 200 destinations worldwide

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