Why choose Asendia to help you deliver to Norway?

If you want the perfect delivery partner with expert knowledge of getting parcels, mail and publications to new customers in Norway, then get in touch with Asendia now. Whether you’re an established business looking to send large shipments, or you’re just starting out and testing the Norwegian market, you can rely on us to provide you with the service you require.

In-depth knowledge of Norwegian customs

Norway is a non-EU member of the European Economic Area, which means there are different rules regarding duties and VAT in comparison to other Nordic countries. Furthermore, Norway sets its own tariffs on goods imported from outside the single market. With our expertise, we can be the bridge between your company and The Norwegian Customs Authority.

A range of solutions for you

Asendia offers a broad range of services for those looking to export to Norwegian consumers. Our core e-commerce solutions include various delivery options, goods tracking and returns management. Furthermore, our mail fulfilment and postal services will enable your direct mail campaigns to reach this exciting new consumer market.

A high quality service

Asendia is proud to provide a world-class service for its invaluable clients and their international customers. We ensure this by maintaining a culture of continuous improvement, providing a formal customer feedback policy, and enforcing robust security measures. Each client is allocated an experienced Asendia Account Manager who will always go the extra mile in helping you fulfil your business aims. Our vision is to make global e-commerce as straightforward, stress-free and profitable for you as possible.

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Discover how to crack the Norwegian e-commerce market with this exclusive guide. Learn more about Norwegian market trends, customs procedures and consumer expectations.


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Trends in Norwegian Retail

Fast-growing sectors

The average annual spend per consumer in Norway is expected to grow by a huge 30% by 2021. Fashion is expected to still be the most purchased online category by this point; second will be toys, hobby and DIY. And if you’re a food retailer then Norway could be the perfect market for you, as online groceries is the fastest-growing segment here.

International goods

With the highest percentage of online shoppers in the Nordic region, Norway has a booming e-commerce market, due to Norwegians’ interest of purchasing foreign-manufactured items from international websites. This is definitely an import-friendly nation, with goods worth billions of euros coming from Sweden, Germany, China, South Korea and the USA each year.

A flourishing economy

E-commerce in Norway is currently worth €8.5 billion a year; a thriving market strengthened by the Norwegian economy that fuels a wealthy society with a high purchasing power. Norway’s priority sectors for economic development will be: oil and gas, seafood, timber and metal products, telecommunications and hydropower equipment. Incomes and private consumption are increasing, so expect the retail sector to be even more profitable in the future.

Expanding customer base

Currently, 71% of Norwegians aged between 18 and 29 shop online every month, and this figure is set to increase in line with Norway’s steady population growth (six million by 2027). Additionally, Norway will be among the youngest five countries in Europe by median age around this point, so online businesses should prepare for a younger market of shoppers.


How much e-commerce in Norway is worth a year


Expected growth in average annual spend per e-shopper by 2021


of Norwegians aged between 18 and 29 shop online every month

Critical factors for online success in Norway

Efficient returns

One of the major challenges for e-commerce businesses that sell in Norway is returns. Norwegians are very discerning consumers with high expectations: they have the highest online return rates in the Nordic region and the lowest satisfaction rates with orders! As Norway isn’t part of the EU, it can take a long time for returned purchases to cross the border and get back to the e-tailer. Asendia can make returns simple and convenient for you and your customers, allowing the e-tailer to start the refunding process at reception in the local returns management centre.

Fast delivery

Only 14% of online shoppers in Norway expect to receive their delivery within 2 days. This means there is great scope for e-merchants who can offer faster delivery times to secure further competitive advantage. With 80% of the population continuing to live in an urban area, Norway will remain one of the easiest countries in the world for Asendia to deliver your goods to. We offer a vast range of integrated solutions and international delivery expertise for the smoothest online customer experience.

Good price points

Why do Norwegians love online shopping? For a start, they enjoy freedom and flexibility, making more and more of their purchases online for efficiency. Furthermore, Norway has a relatively high tendency to import and purchase goods from abroad since domesticated price points are widely perceived as high. E-commerce is therefore seen as an affordable alternative; in fact, around a fifth believe it is cheaper, which is a higher share than any other Nordic country. Along with its cities, Norway has a vast rural landscape where amenities are far away and expensive to reach due to the high cost of petrol. E-shopping takes away this inconvenience and offers more choice for lower prices.

Effective SEO

Most consumers in Norway discover overseas e-shops via search engines; a strong focus on SEO will therefore help you achieve success in the Norwegian market. SEO for retail sites takes time and effort, but it’s essential if you want to build a successful online business in Norway. Try to use relevant keywords, incorporating them into product copy, page URLs and other searchable content. It’s also advisable to create more pages, make your content shareable and optimise your site for mobile.

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Discover how to crack the Norwegian e-commerce market with this exclusive guide. Learn more about Norwegian market trends, customs procedures and consumer expectations.


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