How you can ensure that your order fulfilment remains efficient even at peak times?

12 September, 2017

Parcel being signed for on a handheld device.

Customer service is crucial to any business – especially one where there is no face to face contact with consumers.

UK businesses lose £12 billion every year as a result of poor customer service so it’s as important to the success of your venture as the products or services you’re selling. Order fulfilment is an integral part of customer service. Smooth picking, packing and dispatch ensures that items arrive on time and in great condition. So, how do you make sure that your order fulfilment standards remain high, even during peak times?

Fulfilment best practice

If you’re EU parcel exporting then your order fulfilment processes need to live up to the best practice standards of the industry. This combination of equipment, training and materials will ensure that you’re able to keep up with the latest standards set across the EU. As companies such as Amazon encourage customer expectations to be even higher when it comes to delivery, smaller businesses much reach the same levels to compete.

Revising existing systems

Particularly if you’ve begun to notice a spike in customer complaints or you’re coming up to a peak period such as Christmas or Cyber Monday it might be time to re-evaluate how your fulfilment is operating.

  • Inventory – do you have visibility when it comes to inventory? Are you able to anticipate demand or do your customers often find products listed are actually not available?
  • Staffing – can your fulfilment staff cope with demand and how will you ensure that a sudden spike doesn’t leave you falling behind on getting orders out of the door?
  • Packing and shipping – does your packing process differentiate your brand and are you getting the best possible value for money and service when it comes to shipping?

Time to make changes

If you’re already struggling or looking ahead to a peak time in the near future it might be time to make changes to your methods for EU parcel exporting. You may need to increase staff, switch warehouses or change logistics providers to find one better suited to the demands of your business and the budgets you have. Outsourcing fulfilment also takes the pressure off, particularly when it comes to handling seasonal spikes. Outsourced fulfilment ensures efficient preparation and shipping of your parcels for export with a range of cost effective solutions available to ensure that you’re meeting cost, as well as service, targets.