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What is the cost of sending international mail to France?

The cost of sending international mail to France is dependent on a number of factors, predominantly what you want to send and how much. Letters, packets or parcels? One or 1,000? Delivery time?

While it’s not possible to give specific costs in this article, the postage costs themselves are an important element because they make up a considerable part of the spend on mailing anything.

Start your mailings to France by talking to postal operators Asendia UK. They are owned by the French post office, La Poste, so they have privileged access to La Poste’s postal services for direct mail, business mail, publications, packets and parcels. Not only will Asendia prepare your mail for posting to France, but they can also advise on cheapest tariffs and services there thanks to its extensive network of routes and connections. That pretty much makes them THE experts for mail to France.

Direct Mail

Being geographically close to the UK, France is a good target for British ecommerce businesses, and that also bodes well for direct mail. The French, it seems love British goods. There are a couple of options here with Asendia: Direct Entry Postal Service and Standard and Priority postal service. Direct Entry allows for your direct mail to be given a ‘local look’ enhancing the probability of it being responded to, improving ROI.

As the world’s third largest postal operator and Europe’s second largest, Asendia has a wealth of experience in delivering international mail and offers a number of simple options for mail to France: speed, sorting, cost.

Asendia’s Postreponse is a cost-effective way to further increase ROI on marketing campaigns by enabling recipients to respond by using a pre-paid envelope or reply card. It also helps a company improve its image with the customer.

Business Mail

Businesses can depend on reliable and low cost services to France. Asendia offers Priority and Standard levels of posting, for those on tighter budgets, and also provides substantial discounts on shipments of 1,000 plus items.

Small Goods

As ecommerce really takes off, the range of options offered by Asendia in France for packets and parcels is hard to match: Colissimo, the market leading tracked service; Lettremax, perfect for items 20mm thick and under 1kg (available for France only); ColiEco, great for low-value parcels; POSTtrack; a B2C global tracked service; and M-Bags, a non-tracked global mail service for items over 2kg.

Goods being posted to France from the UK, as with any other EU destination, do not require customs documentation. However, items that are unlawful or prohibited must not be sent.


Magstream is the Presstream-equivalent postal service in France, and offers discounted postal services to publishers for sending magazines and newspapers. Asendia transports shipments of qualifying publications to La Poste’s dedicated press and magazine centre near Paris, where it is sorted for its onward journey. Access to this specialised network means tariffs are very competitive.

Choosing Asendia UK

Although Asendia UK is a young company, its heritage is long and impressive, and its legacy companies have been dealing with La Poste for many years. They have the advantage of having French-speaking employees in Sales, Customer Services and Operations so are well-equipped to guide British businesses through their mailing requirements. Asendia also has exclusive access to sell La Poste’s services in the UK, not to mention the knowledge to produce the PPIs and correct address formats for France, and sort the mail appropriately to achieve maximum postal discounts.

Call 01234 84 84 15 for a quote.

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