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What is the cost of sending international mail to Australia?

The cost of sending international mail to Australia will depend on a number of factors, predominantly what you want to send and how much. Letters, packets or parcels? One or 1,000? Delivery time?

As the postage costs make up a considerable part of the spend on mailing anything, especially if you are sending internationally, you will want a good idea before you start. Because the cost depends on certain considerations, this article is unable to quote specific pricing, but it does help explain how mailing costs are calculated, the pitfalls of mailing items to Australia and how money can be saved.

International tariffs are normally based on weight, destination and volume. However, your shipment may be of some value so there is insurance to consider. Will it be advisable to have it signed for at its destination? Do you want to track parcels along the way? This is all added cost, and what about that mysterious world of ‘Officialdom’?

Delivery times can take anything from four to 15 days to Australian destinations, depending on your budget and the mail’s urgency. Very urgent post can go from the UK on an overnight courier service, but you will pay a premium for this.

What you need to consider when sending mail to Australia

When sending parcels and packages to Australia, make sure:

  • the item is clearly addressed, e.g. the last line should contain the place name or post office of delivery (remember some addresses are in remote areas in Australia), state or territory abbreviation and the postcode – for more information see and;
  • the postcode is included – failure to comply will just delay your mail
  • a return address is included on the outside – if this is missing and your mail is undeliverable it is likely to be destroyed
  • you don’t send any restricted or prohibited goods, the Australian authorities are strict on this – e.g. explosive, highly flammable, radioactive or otherwise dangerous. A full list of restricted or prohibited items can be found at See also information on shipping Limited Quantities of Dangerous Goods.
  • parcels are securely packaged – Australia is a big place, the mail may go from hub to hub and be handled more than usual before it reaches its destination
  • a customs declaration is attached – goods up to £270 value require customs label CN22; over £270 they require customs declaration CN23, plus adhesive plastic wallet SP126.

Overwhelming? Well, to avoid these snags plus things like unexpected customs duty costs, you would be wise to consult an expert postal operator like Asendia, who will advise you and implement these procedures for you.

Why choose Asendia for international mail?

It is Asendia's vision is to become the world leader in B2C solutions for global mail, with a specific focus on the ecommerce industry. We provide a range of solutions for international mail to meet the needs of this sector including:

  • Standard mail service
  • Fully tracked mail service
  • Partially tracked mail service
  • Signed-for service
  • Courier service
  • Premium insurance option
  • Lightweight specialist services.

Asendia also responds to the international mail needs of the B2B sector, and because they offer innovative international mailing solutions, they work with some of the UK’s biggest brands.

Asendia is one of the world’s leading postal operators, the second largest in Europe, processing over 4 million pieces of mail a month in the UK.  It is one of Royal Mail’s largest partners. Borne out of a joint venture between two of the world’s most famous postal operators, La Poste and Swiss Post, Asendia’s success is underpinned by a phenomenal knowledge base, a global postal network and an undeniable heritage. With offices in the USA, it prides itself on local knowledge, which can make a significant difference to anyone in the UK sending post there, whether it’s direct mail letters, business post, goods or publications.

Direct Mail to Australia

Asendia provides Priority and Standard/Economy postal services specifically for international  direct (marketing) mail. As well as competitive prices, Asendia can also help increase response rates to direct mail with ‘local look’ direct entry postal services.

Business Mail to Australia

Asendia International Business Mail offers a fast Priority delivery and a more cost-effective Standard service to the USA. The weight restriction is 3kg for Priority and 350g for Standard. For larger quantities, the weight is 250g. Total dimensions should be less than 1 metre, with the length measurement being no more than 600mm.

Press postal service to Australia

Specialist international publication postal services with exclusive discounts are available for publishers of magazines, journals and newspapers, including Priority Press for speed and, Standard/Economy for items that are less urgent.

Goods shipments to Australia

Cost-effective international distribution services for packets and parcels to Australia via a wide range of options are what is making Asendia a world leader in B2C mailing solutions.


Asendia operates an international business returns service for business customers, for easy response returns.

Asendia’s cost-effective end-to-end service

Substantial discounts at very competitive rates are offered by Asendia for international shipments over 1,000 items. But what if you’re not mailing volume? The answer is to consolidate. Asendia has the facilities to consolidate mail and sort it ready for collection, which helps to keep costs down and, therefore, they can offer some of the lowest postal rates available from the UK.

There are even more cost- and time-saving advantages by using Asendia’s end-to-end printing and international postal service. Not only will Asendia digitally print your mailings in black and white or full colour, they will collate and envelope (or polywrap), add inserts, apply postage and mailsort ready for delivery, at their ISO 9001 and ISO 14000-accredited printing, fulfilment and distribution centre.

Call 01234 84 84 15 for a quote.

Last posting date for Christmas 2014

Standard airmail to Australia is Thursday 5th December 2013.

For more information, see  


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