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What can you send in the post internationally?

International mail is a booming business these days, with refined tracking systems, plenty of speedy transportation options and a choice of postal services, not to mention ways and means of sending a whole host of items. But what post can you send internationally?

Whether it’s letters or parcels, magazines and other publications, business post or direct mail you want to post internationally, items can be in the hands of the recipients within just a few days, thousands of miles away.

And with a burgeoning e-Commerce business across Europe and beyond, millions of consignments a year are literally flying – as well as sailing and trucking – to hundreds of destinations every day. There are a few things to remember:

  • some items are classed as dangerous goods, so will be restricted       
  • more often, every time a border is crossed there is yet another set of customs and tax rules 
  • postage costs vary. Weight and dimensions need to be taken into account.

So where to start?


All UK logistics companies follow the same rules globally on restricted items, many of which come under the banner of Dangerous Goods. Some of these Dangerous Goods, whilst highly hazardous, may be permitted if they are being distributed in Limited Quantities. Others are banned altogether. For further information, see IATA’s rules and regulations for items travelling by air and for road transportation, see ADR 2013.

Beware though - don’t think just because you are not distributing toxic materials, corrosive liquids or potential explosives that you are exempt. Dangerous Goods can be as simple as small items such as:

Checklist Tickcigarette lighters

Checklist Tickalcohol

Checklist Tickperfume

Checklist Tickbatteries (lithium batteries are a great cause for concern at the moment). Or even the items that contain batteries.

The rules are strict and the consequences for breaking them severe. Use an expert postal company like Asendia UK, who can guide you through the maze of cross border rules and goods regulations. Check out some of Asendia UK’s helpful articles Limited Quantities in the postal network and What’s all the hype about transporting lithium batteries for more information.

Asendia UK

As a global postal company with a rich heritage of expertise, Asendia can advise not only on what you can post internationally, but also give you the best options of how to send, based on size, weight and destination. A joint venture between two of the most famous postal companies in the world, La Poste and Swiss Post, Asendia has access to exceptional logistics knowledge, a huge network of delivery routes and, often, unequivocal postage rates.

In addition to an air conveyance unit at Heathrow, two mailing houses and a fulfilment centre, Asendia has a number of mailing partners in the UK, as well as across Europe, the USA and Asia.

Many of the UK’s biggest brands work with Asendia, which has more than 1,000 staff in 15 countries working hard to provide innovative postal solutions to 220 destinations worldwide. They offer solutions for all classes of mail and can provide a wide range of international mailing fulfilment services. While there are no minimum quantities, pricing is dependent on such things as volumes, frequency, weight and size. Contact Asendia for a quote, no matter what or how much you want to post internationally.

Direct Mail

If your business needs to promote itself across borders through direct mail – and it’s still the most effective method of increasing ROI – then Asendia offers a ‘local look’ direct entry postal service for international mail. Adding a local look to your international post provides a proven higher rate of response to your mail.

Business Mail

Asendia UK offer competitive rates on international business post, including letters, invoices and documents.

  • Low cost postage
  • High quality service for bulk business mail
  • “NCV” (no commercial value) items
  • Priority mail – 3 days+
  • Standard mail – up to 15 days
  • IBRS – International Business Reply Service


Asendia UK works with over 200 publishers of magazines, journals and newspapers, including some of the UK’s best-known magazines, plus many niche journals, posting them worldwide.  Special publishers’ postal services, both home and internationally, provide exclusive postal discounts for qualifying publications, using Priority and Standard/Economy postal services.


If you send more than 500 packets or parcels a month internationally, Asendia UK has solutions for worldwide destinations, including tracked postal services.

For more information on any of Asendia UK’s services, go to

About the author
Catherine Jackson is an NCTJ-qualified journalist and has been a publishing professional for over 30 years, working in newspapers, magazines, and marketing in the education, retail and travel sectors. She has also worked as a freelance copywriter, editor and proofreader before joining Asendia UK as Content Marketing Executive & Copywriter. Google+