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Should I handle my mailing in-house or use mailing houses?

Handling your own mailing in-house can be a costly business. Farming your mailings out to an accredited mailing house makes much more economical sense.

To begin with, your staff – many probably very experienced and good at their jobs – can be tied up for hours stuffing envelopes. Is that what you’re paying them for? Backwards and forwards to the printer (possibly in another room or even on another floor) to collect or collate the letters they have printed off. Good use of their time? Or false economy?

When you think about it, you’re paying a high price for handling your own mail, even if your organisation is big enough to warrant its own print and post room. Even these are unlikely to have the high level of quality printing equipment or inserting machines and sortation systems that a mailing house can offer. Choose the right mailing house and you will find you not only save money on the actual postage, but also a great deal of time on the printing, enveloping and sorting.

It’s important to select a mailing house that offers an end-to-end solution for you to make the most from outsourcing the mailing work. Decide on a mailing house that

Checklist Tickis ISO accredited and works in an environmentally-friendly way

Checklist Tickproduces high-quality digital printing with personalisation options

Checklist Tickoffers you value added services (there may be occasions when you don’t just want to send letters)

Checklist Tickfulfils mail by high-speed machine, as well as by hand

Checklist Tickprocesses and sorts the mail to save you money

Checklist Tickworks in a strong partnership with UK delivery operators like Royal Mail

Checklist Tickand if your mail goes overseas, one that has partners and access to postal networks abroad.

As part of the La Poste family, Asendia has access to a global network of delivery routes and is able to provide volume discounts to customers on bulk mailings. Even if you only have a few mail pieces to send, you can benefit from postage discounts because Asendia handles so much post every day that they consolidate it, making it cheaper to send, and pass on the savings.

Asendia has two mailing houses in the UK, a 43,000 sq ft ISO 9001 and ISO 14000-accredited print and post centre in Bedford, and another in Southampton, offering high quality and flexible solutions for mailroom outsourcing, whether you are mailing 100 letters or a million, packets or parcels. It also has a 63,000 sq ft order fulfilment centre in Bedford, complete with a customer contact centre.

Achieve further, indirect, savings by ensuring your mail arrives at its destination, thereby avoiding waste. Asendia accomplishes this by offering targeted mailing lists for direct mail campaigns and cleaning address data you supply. High-speed machine enveloping, polywrapping and laser address printing can cope with the mail much quicker than your staff at the office. Special post requirements can be carried out by hand. Once fulfilled, the post is consolidated during sorting using Mailsort, Presstream and international sortation standards to realise postage discounts.

Asendia’s complete service includes processing artwork, high-quality digital printing and fulfilment, including utilising variable data. For a complete mailroom solution, check out its sister company Maileva, a hybrid mailing service. Upload your mailing list and your letters – from one to 30,000 – by 1.30pm Monday to Friday, and they will be printed, inserted and posted by the end of the day.

With Asendia’s reliable and extensive network of partners and delivery routes across the UK and the rest of the world, your post is on it way and your staff are hard at work doing the job you are paying them to do. So, in answer to the question: yes, having a mailing house handle your mail makes perfect sense.

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