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Why choose Asendia UK?

Looking for low prices, reliable services, and unrivalled customer service? Welcome to Asendia UK!

There are many reasons that leading brands and SME's alike choose to work with Asendia. Testament to our customer satisfaction are the many testimonials we can show you.

The main benefits of working with Asendia

Asendia has genuine differences to our competitors:

  • With over 350 employees across 4 sites in the UK and a British heritage of over 40 years, Asendia provides expert international mail solutions and is a key partner for all your domestic and global mailing needs.
  • If you choose our end-to-end service from print to post means you deal with just one supplier, providing consistent quality… not to mention saving you time and trouble.
  • With our founding partners, we have a global network and unrivaled expertise to France and Switzerland.
  • Sustainability is in our DNA. Since July 2014, our carbon offset scheme ensures all mail deliveries from European customers are carbon neutral, at no cost to the customer.
  • Our air conveyance unit at Heathrow gives us unique access to direct line hauls to over 200 destinations. Faster, more accountable, reliable.
  • Being part of a global organisation gives us financial stability, meaning your business can grow safely in our hands
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 accredited operations.
  • Approved by DMA, PPA, MDAS Plus, and IIP.
  • We aim to offer unrivalled customer care.
  • Our prices are extremely competitive.
  • Whether your mailing is 100 items or 1 million we can help.
  • In addition to our UK operations, we have over 1000 employees across 14 other countries working on innovative and reliable mailing solutions.

Plus our experienced team are friendly professionals you can trust to find solutions that are easy to use. Just ask!