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International Bank Holidays in May

Please be advised that there are a number of International Bank Holidays throughout May, details affecting major destinations are provided below. Please expect a 1-2 day delay with mail deliveries into these destinations on the dates listed:

May 1st         Many countries worldwide including Austria, Belgium, China, Finland,   France, Germany, Hong Kong, Norway, Spain, Sweden

May 2nd       Bosnia and Herzegovina, India (regional), Spain (regional)

May 4th        Australia (regional), Austria (regional), India (regional), Ireland, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, Russia, Thailand, Ukraine

May 5th       Japan, Mexico (regional), Netherlands, South Korea, Thailand

May 6th       Bulgaria, Japan

May 8th       Belgium (regional), Czech Republic, France

May 9th       Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina (regional),   Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan

May 14th     Belgium, Denmark , Finland, France, Germany, Iceland,         Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland

May 15th     Belgium (regional), Denmark (regional), Monaco (regional), Spain (regional)

May 18th     Canada, Cayman Islands, Colombia, Uruguay (regional), Venezuela (regional)                                         

May 24th    Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden

May 25th     Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong,Hungary, Iceland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, USA

May 30th     Spain (regional)

May 31st     Greece, Romania


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