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Service Update Bulletin 7th July 2015

International Services   

Update: 7th July 2015
The unlimited strike by the worker's union "ver.di" starting 8th June and since 19th June joined by the worker´s union "DPVKom" will end Tuesday, 07th July 2015 at 00:00h. Please expect further delays in the handling of Mail until end of this week. 

France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands
Update: 29th June 2015
Due to strike action at Calais and subsequent issues around border security, traffic in and out of mainland Europe has been delayed. The delays are expected to last up to 48 hours. The situation is improving with minimal delays on export traffic. Inward flows continue to suffer longer delays on the crossing from France to UK, which is having a knock on effect on the availability of outward bound transports and drivers. 

Start date: 11th June 2015
Industrial actions by customs unions/staff start 15th June 2015. This is likely to impact inbound flows for all mail and parcels.

United Arab Emirates
Start date: 8th June 2015
Emirates Post Group, the postal operator for the United Arab Emirates, has informed that due to the unavailability of flights to Asmara Airport the transit mail service to Eritrea is suspended until further notice.


Services to France

Industrial action: Delays are expected in Val de Reuil (27100) and Marseille (13005).


UK Services 

Air, rail, road
Royal Mail flights from Belfast to East Midlands were cancelled last night due to technical difficulties. All mail was transferred via the road/ferry network, as a result of this mail posted in Northern Ireland yesterday for delivery today in parts of the UK may arrive later than planned.

Due to fog at Stornoway yesterday morning’s Royal Mail flight from Inverness to Stornoway arrived too late for mail on board to be delivered yesterday. This mail will be delivered today.

The late arrival of a vehicle in to the Royal Mail’s National Distribution Centre in Daventry last night means that mail posted in other parts of the UK for delivery today in parts of North East of England, South Wales, the far South West of England and Guernsey & Jersey will arrive later than planned.

A vehicle carrying mail from the Royal Mail Chelmsford Mail Centre to their National Distribution Centre arrived late last night due to traffic. As a result of this a small amount of mail posted in the CM, CO & SS postcode areas for delivery today in parts of the North West of England and Yorkshire will arrive later than planned.

Last night mail arrived late in to Royal Mail’s Sheffield Mail Centre, meaning not all of it could be processed as scheduled. As a result some mail posted in other parts of the UK for delivery today in the DN, HU, LN and S postcode areas may arrive later than planned.

Last night, technical issues with sorting machinery at the Royal Mail’s Ipswich Mail Centre meant that not all outbound mail could be processed to schedule. As a result a small amount of mail posted in the IP postcode area for delivery today in other parts of the UK may arrive later than expected.

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